Monday, December 17, 2007

Monday, December 16, 2007

Something is wrong with my computer. I had problems all afternoon on Sunday trying to log on to Blogger so that I could post pictures and let you know about our weekend. Wayne thinks it may be our internet service. I’ll try again tonight to post pictures of Alise and her school party on Saturday.

The cupcakes Alise helped me make on Friday night (see pics below) were a hit at the party! For some reason, the icing was a little gooey (I blame it on the rain), but they were great! Santa arrived shortly after the party started and it was so much fun watching the children and their eyes just light up! Of course, the younger ones were scared to death and their parents tried so desparately to get a picture, but it just didn’t work for most. However, with the older children, like Alise and all her friends, Santa was the best thing in the world! Alise was the second child out of the whole school who jumped up on his lap, announced to the entire room that she had “pooh-pooh’ed” in the potty and asked where her teddy bear was (Santa was handing out teddy bears to everyone!) Everyone died laughing. Poor Santa was speechless. Have I trained my little girl well, or what? Out of all of Alise’s friends, Allie was the only one that really didn’t want to see Santa. Alise went up to her and said, “Don’t worry, Allie! Go see Santa!” For the remainder of the party she and her friends were running around on a sugar high with their teddy bears in their hands. The parents sat around and talked and laughed at them. It was so neat to finally get to meet some of Alise’s friends parents because you just don’t have time when you’re running out the door in the mornings or afternoon.

On Saturday afternoon, I got a babysitter for Alise, donned the umbrella and headed out to hopefully finish my Christmas shopping. It didn’t happen. The mall wasn’t that bad and Target may have been a little worse, but it was okay. My biggest bargains were a $4 pink and white poodle shirt and a bright blue velour dress with a snowman on the front for $6 at Belk. So much for Christmas shopping (those weren’t Christmas presents). I also got Alise a pair of silver glitter shoes at Target like her friend Ella. I tried to find the red ones, but they didn’t have them in her size. She was so surprised when I showed them to her and wanted to put them on right then! (It’s amazing how her attitude changes because before she saw Ella’s, when I would show them to her in the store, she wouldn’t have anything to do with those shoes!) I did pick up two gifts for Wayne and now I am through with him, too. I got back to the house around 5:30 and there were a ton of boxes sitting in the dining room that the mailman delivered while I was out. Alise got presents from Grandma, Katie, and my Aunt & Uncle in Oak Grove. Alise absolutely loved the pink poodle blanket and pillow from Katie! It was so cute! She lays on the couch now and says, “Mommie, cover me up!” She likes the book from Grandma; we’ve read it several times, and we haven’t introduced her to the popcorn yet. On the way to take the babysitter home, Wayne called on his way home from the camp and wanted to go out to eat. He thought the sitter was staying longer and just the two of us could go, but we ended up taking Alise to Lone Star with us. I had been craving a steak and the filet mignon I had was wonderful! After eating, we rode around for a while and looked at some Christmas lights. Alise didn’t go to bed until 10:00!

It goes to show that you shouldn’t miss church! Bill told the “ULM/Bama joke” from the pulpit Sunday morning. Wayne heard all about it the minute he walked through the door. I ended up sleeping too late to get three of us ready for church, so I thought two was better than three so I got Alise and Wayne dressed and out the door for Sunday School and then I ran to the grocery store and shopped groceries. I was in the baking mood and so I spent a lot of money. Wayne complains that I never make anything for his work, so I thought I would “be nice” and make some things. My oven turned on at 3:00 yesterday and did not go off until 8:00 last night!! On top of making spaghetti in the crockpot, I made, peanut butter tassies, white covered pretzels, chocolate and walnut cookies, and then later Alise and I did sugar cookies with green and red sprinkles. She absolutely would not let me help! The only thing I insisted on doing was once she had done the cut-outs, was moving them to the cookie sheet. She did everything else. It may not sound like a lot, but I was tired last night. Wayne and I nearly drew straws about who was going to do the piggies-in-a-blanket, but we were both too tired to worry about it. I told him that I would do them later tonight.

I have to brag on my Baby Girl! I think we are like 98.9% potty trained!! You can not imagine how excited – no, ecstatic – that I am!! If everything goes well, I plan to let her wear panties to school after she goes back from Christmas break! She had no accidents all weekend and tells me each and every time she needs to go. I am the proudest Momma in the world! I can honestly say that I thought I would never see this day come! I’m still going to let her wear pull-ups at night and naptime (just because I just bought a whole new box of them!), but other than that, she’s ready for “big girl” panties! I looked at her yesterday afternoon while she was putting a puzzle together and she looked like she was eight years old!! She is just growing up entirely too fast! She is changing so much! Just looking at her bottom without that bulky diaper on makes her look older!! I just can’t get over the difference!

Undoubtedly, there is a virus going around that’s like a stomach bug only it isn’t. Does that make any sense? Brooklyn came down with it last week while she was here and now Michael has it. It’s a virus that causes stomach and abdomen cramps and nausea only there is not vomiting or the other. So far, nobody else in our family has had it, but Michael and Misty took Brooklyn to the doctor once they got back to Conway. I thought she had a bladder infection because of the way she kept running to the bathroom, but they did a test and it wasn’t that. She’s fine, now.

So that’s our weekend. Stay tuned for pictures later. I can’t wait for everyone to see Alise’s best friends!

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