Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Pictures

Merry Christmas (again)!! The Horton's are EXHAUSTED!! I told someone today that I don't even think Alise knew her head hit the pillow last night, so we had no problems getting ready for Santa Claus! We came home from Christmas dinner at my mom and dad's this afternoon to take a nap and again, she was out like a light! Now, tonight was a little different...she fought it and fought it until she ended up getting a spanking from Daddy, but she finally went to sleep. But we had a very good Christmas and hope that you did, too.

You will soon be seeing more pictures on the ol' blog! Wayne bought me a new digital camera (and case!) so that I can carry it in my purse at all times...for those unexpectant moments, of course!). I used it through out today and posted some of the pictures off it, but I am a little concerned about the time delay. I certainly didn't expect it with a Nikon because our other, big, camera does not have one, but I noticed it right off the bat. Wayne said that "we" would read the manual and do some research. I don't read manuals.

Oh! About the BellSouth tech-y that came out yesterday...He said our problem was our router. But to prevent them from giving us the same run-around as we've gotten about the modem, we agreed to pay the extra $5 a month to use a BellSouth router. We'll see. Also, the tech-y told us that BellSouth will be coming out with an 8.0 version in the near future. With the problems we've had with the 6.0 version, I'm not planning on upgrading anytime soon!

Wayne has been looking on the internet for an Alabama beanie. He wants a hat to wear to the Independence Bowl this weekend. We checked the weather and it is suppose to be pretty chilly! We are excited about that! More Alabama news: Wayne saw the Alabama 18-wheeler at a truck stop yesterday. It's official. The other ULM/Bama billboard is up on I-20 right before you get into West Monroe...at least this is what a friend told us last night at the candlelight ceremony at church. We still have yet to see it, but we will be able to see it on our way to the game. However, we could just take another route to WM and pretend like it doesn't exist. Sounds like a plan to me!

Alise and I plan to stay home tomorrow and play. She can play with her toys while I do some cleaning and straightening up. Wayne helped me get all the paper and boxes out of the house tonight and at least now you can sit on the furniture! The neat thing about Alise's tent (in the living room right now) is that you can just throw all her toys in the tent and walla! They've disappeared! But I am really dreading taking the tree down! I'll probably have to leave that for a day when Alise is at the daycare.


  1. usually the only cameras that don't have any kind of delay are the big professional ones, like the big nikon you have. good luck finding a little one that doesn't..

  2. ROLLTIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!8:56 PM

    Regarding the camera, pre-focus when you can, that will reduce the shutter lag. By pre-focus I mean push the shutter release button half the way down so it will be focused when you depress all the way. This will reduce the time the camera needs because it will already be focused when you are ready to take the photo.

  3. Jonah and I just watched the slide show. We loved the pictures!! Glad y'all had a great Christmas!!