Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Christmas Party Pictures

Can you see me doing the “happy dance”? I am completely through with my Christmas shopping! I nearly got thrown out of Belk last night, but it was worth it. I’m finished. Sigh. What a relief! Now, on to wrapping! My mom picked Alise up from school today so that I could go home and finish all the wrapping. Yeah! We finally have presents under our tree!! Now, it’s beginning to look a little more like Christmas! But please remind me next year not to save all the wrapping! I wrapped for two solid hours tonight! Next year, I promise to do a better job. Also, I thought I had lost a gift tonight, but I found it tucked away in the side of the trunk. Whew!

Hopefully, my computer problems are solved. Wayne told me to hold up with taking my laptop anywhere and then casually mentioned that he had gotten a letter from Bellsouth apologizing for the slow access. I’m not sure what the letter was about, but things seem to be back to normal. I could get on to my favorite sites again as well as post pictures, so I’m happy.

We pulled in the school parking lot right behind her and her dad this morning. Allie got out first and Alise started hollering, “Wait for me, Allie! Wait for me!” That’s her latest phrase: “Wait for me, Mommie!” and then she’ll run ahead of me like she wants to be first to the kitchen or first to the bathroom. It’s so funny.

I was eating lunch at the hospital cafeteria last week and saw one of my best friends from high school. Amanda’s sister, Courtney, was having a baby at our hospital and she was in town from New Orleans for the big event. Amanda had two of her three kids with her and I nearly died from shock! Grant, the oldest, had stayed with his dad, but Brooke, the middle child, looks just like her daddy! Then, the youngest one, that is only three months old, doesn’t look like any of them! Gray’s complexion is totally different from the others. Amanda is happy in her own little world! She and Geoff just bought a new house and they are in the process of renovating it. She doesn’t hardly work anymore, but she and another friend have gone into the “hair bow” business. It’s just so hard for me to imagine Amanda with three kids!! She and I could tell you some stories!! We go way back! I asked her about my other friend, Brandy, who I knew was living in Baton Rouge and Amanda said that she and her husband have bought another house in Prairieville (outside of Baton Rouge) and her two boys were typical little boys! Poor Brandy! We kinda lost touch when she married for the third time. She and I could tell you some stories, too. Mostly about skippin’ school to go lay out!

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