Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The Horton’s are still recuperating from the most awesome football game ever! Well, at least two of us are! Alise is still blowing and going like nothing ever happened. Check out Mirya’s blog at www.themasonbunch.blogspot.com to find out all the details (I laughed out loud when I read it just remembering that wild and crazy night all over again!). But let me make a few comments. Yes, the “love bird” couple in front of us were about to make me puke with all the kissing and touchy-feely that was going on. Mirya and I had fun looking over the girl’s shoulder at her text message to her boyfriend to bring back a candy bar from the concession stand. Our seats in the end-zone were wonderful! We could actually see “inches from the goal line.” I could have killed the parents of the two little boys that were sitting beside me. Surely their parents were somewhere in that crowd of 92,000+, but there was no way I would have let my kid sit somewhere else in that stadium. The “cousin” was a die-hard LSU fan and so he was the commentator for his Bama cousin. In my opinion, he knew way too much about LSU football! He knew details of why the second string QB for LSU was not at the game…right down to his pregnant girlfriend. Way too much information in my opinion. Yes, I was disappointed that Bama didn’t win, but so happy that it wasn’t a complete blow-out like most predicted. I thought our defense did a great job. It is a game that I will never forget and I am so glad that we went. My proudest moment was when we were leading LSU by ten points and the visitor’s section got very quiet. At least we had them worried for a while. Roll Tide!!

So now it’s back to this endless cycle called life. Also known as “potty training.” We’re still struggling. Papaw told Alise that if she would start doing all her business in the potty that he would take her to see Brooklyn. That’s sorta working. For the past two nights, she has asked to get out of bed so she can go to the potty and she’s done well. She’s gone first thing when she wakes up, but we had an accident before we left for school this morning. I’m really not sure what kind of progress she’s making at school, but I think she did okay with mom this past weekend.

I am on a new mission. Because Chad and Allison have moved the wedding date up to December, I have started looking for Alise her first “formal, special occasion” dress to wear. Now, I’m not pounding the sidewalks looking specifically for a dress, but if I happen to come across one at a reasonable price, I might buy it. If not, then she will be stuck wearing her smocked Christmas dress and that will be fine, too. I might take her and let someone do her hair that day or something like that for a special treat. She would love it!

Did I happen to mention that I am about 90% through with my Christmas shopping? Most of the gifts under the tree for Wayne will be bleeding the color crimson. Alise is getting the Cinderella version of the aqua-doodle mat, a pink doctor’s kit, and an “enchanted princess” tent to match the sleeping bag that my mom and dad are getting her. She’s getting a few more small things, and, of course, stocking stuffers, but that’s it! I am so proud of myself for not going all out! I have my brother, one or two more things for Wayne and that’s it!! I am so excited! I’m ready to start decorating for Christmas today!! I think I am going to begin putting up the tree the weekend after Thanksgiving. Alise is going to love seeing all the lights and things this year. I’ve already begun telling her that Santa Claus is watching her. When she mentions something she wants, I tell her that she’s just going to hafta take it up with Santa, in hopes that she will want to sit on his lap this year.

We are driving over to Shreveport on the 18th to have our Christmas pictures made at Portrait Innovations (www.portraitinnovations.com), which is where we had Katie and Alise’s Bama pictures made (only that was in Birmingham). It was a joke between me and Wayne this weekend because he’s off some this month and I told him that I wanted him to have a beard for our Christmas picture. The weekend I had originally planned to have the pictures made was not enough time for him to have a beard. Oh, well. Guess you had to be there. Mirya, I ordered Alise a pair of the puddle jumper red and white polka dot shoes. I’m not sure if they are going to fit Alise because the biggest size they had on the internet was a 7. I’m hoping they run big. Anyway, I’m needing them for our pictures for the “second outfit” that Alise is going to wear…the red and white polka dot dress from Kelly’s Kids.

Thanks for your comments about the Halloween pictures. Alise had a ball that night! It was the funniest thing to see her and Addison running across people’s yards and up to their doors for candy. They really got in to it. There were a few people that had comments about the Bama cheerleader outfit, but they got over it and I eventually did, too. Alise ended up staying up that night until 10:45!! I don’t know if she was running on no sleep or sugar, but she had a blast at Addison’s house and with Addison’s cousin, Kiley. I think she was shocked when she woke up the next morning and I had to inform her that, “Yes, Alise. Halloween really is over!”

I am considering taking Alise to the zoo this weekend just because it’s been something that I’ve wanted to do for a while now and it just never was cool enough. I think it is suppose to warm back up this weekend, but I would like to take her anyway. We don’t have any major plans and I know that she would love to see the animals. She still loves monkeys!

Before I end tonight, I have to say Congrats to our friends Brian and Misty Craft in Houston! Baby Claire got here today at 3:28 weighing in at 4 pounds and 17 inches long! We haven't spoken to the new family yet, but we did get a text message tonight.

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