Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Oh my goodness!!!! You have GOT to go to Gymboree and see the new cupcake line!! It is SO CUTE!! I went at lunch (can you tell?) and bought them out of everything in 2T! I even bought the purse, the matching pink mary jane shoes, and the cupcake panties (as a stocking stuffer)! Alise is going to have a fit over it! Especially the purse! They are also having a “Jingle Sale” and there are about four or five items that are only $20 today only. I got the pink satin vest. You can also get gymbucks for a future shopping spree. I wanted the hat and mittens to match, but the hat wouldn’t protect Alise’s ears and I didn’t see the cupcake mittens. The sales clerks were just getting everything out and me and another mom almost tied up! I was on my lunch break and she was dressed in camoflauge! She needed to get out of my way!! The manager told me that the movie, “Winter Wonderland” (I think is the name of it) with Patrick Swayze comes out tomorrow and it features the new Gymboree lines, including the cupcakes. She said that they will probably sell out of everything, so get your stuff EARLY!!

Okay. I’ve stopped hyperventilating.

For the last two days, the potty training seems to have gotten better. Alise has actually begun telling me when she needs to go to the bathroom. That’s another start for us. Last night after gymnastics, she asked to wear her mermaid panties and we had no accidents before bedtime!

She slept in our bed last night with just me; Wayne slept on the couch. Alise started out in her bed and shortly after falling asleep, she had a coughing fit, so I woke her up to give her some medicine. She had a hard time going back to sleep. Wayne muttered under his breath that she could sleep in our bed and I took his word for it. Later, when he found her in our bed, he wasn’t too happy. He said that was the absolute last time she could sleep in our bed. Mean Daddy!

Okay. Ask me what I fed our daughter last night! Chips and cheese sauce! It was after gymnastics and we have absolutely nothing to eat in our house. I desperately need to buy groceries!! Wayne called last night on his way home to tell me he got caught in traffic and I told him what she was eating and he nearly blew a gasgick! I’m like one non-nutritional meal will not hurt her! Ms. SueAnn asked her last night when she was doing her skin-the-cat if she was going to eat a lot of turkey and Alise told her real quick, “No, I not like turkey!” I was like, “Child, when do you even remember eating turkey?” Trust me, if there’s a bottle of ketsup near by, she’ll eat some turkey. She’s like her Moma…a ketsup-holic! Anyway, she is definitely a meat eater!

I am so excited that I will be able to take Baby Girl to something fun at the library tomorrow! At 1:00, the library has scheduled a special craft project for ages 2-10, so this weekend when we were there picking out books and movies, I signed her up. Of course, this is during naptime, but we’ll just have to work around it. After all, she’s out of school and she deserves to do something fun! Actually, Wayne is off tomorrow, too. He had a vacation day scheduled that he had forgotten about until someone at work asked him about it. He said he wanted to pal-around with us tomorrow morning before he heads over to the camp for the next four days. He wants me and Baby girl to come over to the camp Friday night but I would much rather just stay home! Anyway, we need to straighten up the house and take the Thanksgiving stuff down and get ready for Christmas! Alise is so excited about having a Christmas tree in her room! We saw some more Christmas lights on houses last night and she told me, “Slow down, Mommie so I can see the lights!” She is going to freak when she sees the icicle lights on her house!!

I forgot to mention that we got a very nice postcard in the mail late last week from Mr. Middleton, the head master at River Oaks School. He apologized again for not being able to provide a PreK-3 class next year and hoped that we would still consider the school in Alise’s future. The Middleton’s are a very nice, Christian couple and I feel completely comfortable sending her there eventually. The school is very family-oriented and liked that.

So, I promise before I blog again that I will go to the grocery store and get some food for my family. Even Wayne is disgusted with me because “there is nothing to eat around here!” (in other words, he’s out of Hostess Ding Dongs!) He says he’ll go if I make him a list, but I don’t use lists! I see the spaghetti on the shelf and think, “Ah! Spaghetti sounds good!” And wal-la! That’s how it works! Why would I want to write “rice – the kind you boil in a bag” on a list for him when I already know what kind of rice I buy? Besides, I need the stuff to make green bean casserole and he hates green bean casserole. Knowing him, he would deliberately forget those items! I don’t know though….maybe I need to try it. I wonder if I said, “Honey, can you go to the grocery store for me?” just when he’s getting in his new truck to go to the camp, I wonder how anxious he would be to go, then! Or, better yet, why don’t we make it a family affair and he can chase Alise around Wal-mart while I shop groceries!! Did I tell ya how much I hate Wal-mart?

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