Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Wayne and I toured River Oaks School this morning with the principal, Ms. Tillman. We fell in love with the school. I knew at once that “this was Alise.” I nearly cried when I saw Ms. Middleton’s classroom. She had been my kindergarten teacher at Swartz back in 1978 (yes, I can still remember the year!) and the thought of her teaching my daughter just made me want to cry. Two generations of a little “Laura Anderson”!! Who could ask for more? Do you hear a “but” coming? But…Ms. Tillman asked us if we would like to visit with Mr. Middleton (yes, they’re married. He was also my principal at Swartz and at Ouachita Jr. High), who is the Headmaster at River Oaks. We said that we would like to stop in just to say hi because we knew him from our church. He informed us that River Oaks will not be having a Prek-3 class next year. The Board voted on it just last night. I know Wayne and I looked like two sad little puppy dogs sitting in the principal’s office. Sigh. Mr. Middleton wrote down our names and promised that if anything changed next school year, that he would let us know. Before we left, he asked, “How old is Alise?” I said, “She’s two and a half.” He went and dug something out of his office and came back with a small stuffed blue and white horse (The school colors are blue and white and their mascot are the mustangs). He said, “Here. Here’s something to keep her thinking about us!” I told him, “Oh, we’ve already checked with Ms. Tillman and found out that she can wear a River Oaks cheerleader outfit in PreK-3, so that’ all Alise needs to hear!” We all had a big laugh. I can’t tell you how excited I am to finally feel comfortable about a school for her! We’re still praying about it (and taking contributions for Alise’s education…).

After finding out that little bit of information, Wayne wanted to see Jesus Good Shepherd, which was my second choice. I told him that even though the principal was very nice, I didn’t feel comfortable just barging in the school asking for another tour. Wayne really wanted to just see the classrooms, so I agreed and we went to JGS. Ms. Patrick, the principal, was out so the secretary took us to the prek-3 rooms. The children were out at recess and I really wanted to talk to Ms. Wade again (who, by the way, I am asking that Alise be put in her class), but all we had time for was to take a quick glance at the class rooms again. Wayne was okay with the school; He noticed the class room size was smaller and the school smelled older (but it is an older school); He got to see the cafeteria and I could see his mind trying to imagine our three year old Baby Girl trying to carry a huge red lunch tray to her seat at the table…the same thing I did when I first saw it, too. When we were walking back to the office, the secretary told us that she had had many calls concerning Prek-3 since my last visit. I began to panic because I knew we weren’t Catholic. She asked me if Alise’s name was already on the list and I told her that it was. She said that we shouldn’t have a problem, then.

When I got back to the office, I wrote a short note to Allie’s mom to let her know about our disappointment with River Oaks and that it looked now as though Alise and Allie would be going to Prek-3 together at Jesus Good Shepherd. Our plans right now are for Alise to attend JGS next year and then for Prek-4, we will move her to River Oaks, hoping that they will continue those classes for the 2009-2010 school year.

If you haven’t read Mirya’s blog lately, check up on Katie’s potty training. All I can say is, “Been there, done that, and bought the t-shirt!”

I've noticed that Alise is changing again. I remember a few months ago that Allie's mom told me that Allie had a complete transformation when she turned two and a half. Alise will be two and a half in about two weeks. First of all, I've noticed that she is loosing the baby fat on her thighs. I was beginning to think that she was never going to loose those indentations, but her thighs are thinning up. Her vocabulary and sentence structure is changing, too. She is beginning to put more words together. I've already told you that she is getting taller. She is beginning to develope a personality and she is as smart as a whip! She told me tonight on the way home, "You go to work. Daddy goes to work and I go to school."

Would you believe someone in our area has already got Christmas lights on their house? Alise noticed them on the way home and she said, "Oh, mommie look!!" She is going to LOVE Christmas this year! I plan to put our Christmas tree up the weekend after Thanksgiving. I'm not sure when we'll get the icicle lights on the house.
I like being able to hold the whole Santa Claus thing over her head...like when she acts bad, I tell her that Santa is watching her and when she asks for a new toy I tell her that she has to talk to Santa, hoping that she actually will this year.

Wayne is headed to the camp tomorrow. Alise and I are going to spend Friday night at my mom and dad's. I think we're suppose to get another cool front tomorrow night and I am really excited about that! It's November and we're having 70 degree days! Yuck! We should be wearing long sleeves, tights, and jackets, not short sleeves and (almost) shorts!!

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