Thursday, November 08, 2007

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Obviously I was bored last night or just smoking crack! What was I thinking? Alise's smocked Santa dress will be fine for Chad's wedding. But Alise and I did go out to the mall tonight and we went to Penny's to check out the dress that I posted last night. Of course, our store didn't have it! And the dresses they did have - a few that I saw last night online - looked cheap, so I decided to just stick with what I already have.

Yes, Alise and I went to the mall tonight and she was an absolute angel! I was so proud of her, although we did have an accident in Dillard's. There went the pink poodle panties that I bought her tonight on sale at Gymboree! I had promised her that if she had no accidents, she could wear her pink poodle panties this weekend. Well, that went out the window! Speaking of Gymboree, they've got a great sale going on that's called "Circle of Friends" or something like that and you get an additional 30% off your entire purchase and it even includes sale items. I got Alise a Halloween shirt for next year for $8.00, a black turtleneck for $10 and the cutest pair of polka dot Christmas pajamas for $15!! So cute! Speaking of pajamas and pink poodle panties, I bought Alise a pair of Old Navy pink poodle pajamas a few weeks ago on sale. Now she is a pink poodle maniac!!! She has even informed me that she wants a pink poodle birthday party next year! The outfit that she wore to school today was a black and pink poodle outfit and when we saw the panties tonight, she flipped. We also had to go to the Hallmark store to see the stuffed pink poodles!

Alise has gotten to where every time we go to the mall, she wants a "princess cookie," which is nothing more than a cookie with the pink crown iced on top. Did you know that the GAC Co. has to use a certain kind of cookie to make "princess cookies"? They didn't have any displayed tonight so when I asked to have one made, I was told that they didn't have anymore of the cookies that they could ice the princess crown on. I was like, what? You have a ton of cookies right here, but no, they weren't the "Disney" cookies. Whatever. So Alise had to settle for a small sugar cookie, but she was happy with that.

This has been a bad week as far as putting Alise to bed is concerned. She simply will not go to sleep! I don't know if she's fighting it or if the daycare is giving her something in the afternoon or what, but it's 10:15 right now and she's wide awake on the love seat beside me! What is going on? She screams and cries and throws fits in her room. Last night Wayne whipped her with the belt and she still didn't go to sleep until nearly 10:00. Every night starts out the same....first she has to get up to go tee-tee. Then she has to get up to pooh-pooh. Then she starts screaming that she has a boo-boo and needs a band-aid. I bet she's gone through a whole box of band-aids this week! Ugh!

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