Thursday, November 15, 2007

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Mirya has found us a wonderful spot for our vacation next year! I got so excited just looking at the pictures that I was ready to go right then! The Mason’s and Horton’s are meeting up in Gulf Shores next September and Mirya found a very nice condo right on the beach. I can’t wait to take Alise and see her reaction to the waves and sand!! Let’s just pray that there won’t be a hurricane that week!! You can tell we’re all ready for a vacation! I don’t think any of us have even considered whether or not Alabama has got a good football game that weekend!! Mirya and I – being the great photographers that we are (me, when I have “film” in the camera…another story) – are planning to take pictures of the girls on the beach in what we call “white beach dresses.” I saw some gorgeous dresses at the boutique in Winnsboro this summer, but I have also seen some on Ebay.

Well, Alise and I had “the talk” this morning on the way to school. I’m referring to the “Santa” talk. I was so upset with her this morning before we left to go to school because she had a poopy accident and I had just told her to tell Mommie if she needed to go to the potty! I’m really beginning to think that it’s just laziness with her. I told her that she couldn’t sleep with me tonight because she had pooped in her pullup. So, on the way to school, she began talking about Santa Claus and this huge light bulb just went off in my head!! I don’t know why I hadn’t thought of it before and maybe it was mean, but I am to the point where I am grasping for anything! I told her that Santa didn’t like big girls who still used the bathroom in their pullups and panties. I also told her that Santa wouldn’t bring nice toys (I didn’t say “any”) to big girls who did it, either. She got quiet for a while and I could see the wheels turning. Finally, she said, “I not poo-poo in my pullup anymore.” Yeah, yeah. Same song, second verse! Everyone keeps saying that she is going to get it, she’s going to get it. Well, she’s two and a half, and it’s time she got it! We’ve been working on this for so long that I’m ready to move on!! Let’s hope that the Santa trick works! Speaking of Santa, Alise tells me that she is going to see him and talk to him when he comes to the mall. I’ll believe THAT when I see it! I think she’s picturing this little man like the Rudolph cartoon/movie that she watches all the time. She hasn’t seen the “real” thing!

Some of you may be wondering why I have let Alise sleep with me or wondered what that whole comment was about. Well, I’ve been telling Alise for weeks that she could sleep in my bed when her Daddy went to the camp. Wayne was suppose to go yesterday, and so we were picking on Alise yesterday morning about sleeping in Mommie’s bed. Wayne didn’t go to the camp until after Alise fell asleep, so I had one whole night (until 5:15) to myself in our bed. When we were getting dressed and ready for school this morning, I thought about something that she really wanted to do and told her that if she didn’t have any accidents today, she could sleep in my bed tonight. Her eyes lit up and you can just about guess what she said. Won’t be happening now!

Last night I watched the movie, “Evening” and it had a slew of great actresses in it…Meryl Streep, Claire Danes (I love Claire Danes!!), Natasha Richardson (who is married to Liam Nielson), Vanessa Redgrave, Glen Close, and one other actress that I can’t remember. Anyway, the movie was okay. It wasn’t as great as I had hoped that it would be, but the storyline/idea behind the movie was great! Does that make any sense? I think it was more of the way it was produced that I didn’t care for. Anyway, you might want to rent it. I mean, don’t run out today, right now, and rent it, but rent it. Later tonight – after Alise goes to bed in her own bed (and after I listen to her scream for an hour because she wants to sleep in Mommie’s bed…) – I plan on watching, “Amazing Grace.” I have no idea what it is about, but I’ll post comments some time this weekend. That is, of course, considering that I actually get to watch it.

Alise got invited to a pizza birthday party on Saturday afternoon. Actually, it’s Addison’s cousin, Kylie’s birthday party. You can see pictures of Kylie on the Halloween slide show. What do you get a five year old?!? Ugh! I have no idea! All I know is that it seems all the little girls are in to “Hannah Montana” these days. Mom says that Brooklyn is. Linda’s granddaughter, Madison, is, too. (By the way, I think the Hannah Montana concert was in Shreveport tonight) Alise noticed her on TV one morning and said, “Look, Mommie! Hannah Ma-tana!” I’m not quite sure if I’m ready for Alise to go there just yet. But I digress. So I went out at lunch and bought Kylie a Hannah Montana wig!! I hope that she doesn’t already have one, but if she does, she can take it back to Toys R Us.

I have been practicing all week with Alise and her smiles because of our upcoming photo op at Portrait Innovations on Sunday. Finally, after all these years, Alise will look at the camera now, but she’s gotten in the habit where she says, “cheese” all the time when you try to take her picture. Thus, the crazy pictures where she’s got her teeth pressed together. There’s just something about those “cheese” pictures. Anyway, so I’ve been trying to teach her how to smile without pressing her teeth together or saying “cheese.” It ain’t working. I’m scared I’m going to end up with a “cheese” picture for Christmas. Maybe the photographer can get her to say something else instead. You are going to laugh, but I am planning three wardrobe changes for Baby Girl. The first two changes will be family pictures and some by herself in her smocked Santa dress and then the red and white polka dot dress with the red and white polka dot shoes to match. The third change will be in Christmas pajamas, her hair in ponytails, and her reading a book to her Raggady Ann doll. I also found a cute pose on - of all places, Ebay – of a little girl holding a snow globe. Still haven’t gotten the snow globe, yet, but I plan to before our drive to Shreveport on Sunday.

There is a local art studio and gift shop called, Doodlez, here in town. Their website is I am thinking about taking Alise for a visit one day soon.

As for Thanksgiving plans, I am off next Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday of next week because Alise’s daycare will be closed those three days. I’m not quite sure what me and Baby Girl are going to do. We might go to the zoo...we might go to Doodlez...we might see if Addison can come over... We are going to spend the night with my mom and dad on Wednesday night and eat dinner with them. Wayne is going to stay at the camp since this is the first year in thirteen years that he has had the Friday after Thanksgiving off. Then, the sweetest person in the world - our Babysitter Amie - is going to keep Alise for me half a day on Friday while mom and I hit the mall and do some shopping. I don't plan on buying that much, actually, since I only have two people left on my list. Yes!!!

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  1. I don't think you'll ever out live the "no film in the camera" event. Tehe!

    I'm really getting excited about our beach trip. I spent a few hours on eBay, Kelly's Kids, Orient Express, & other sites, looking for white sundresses at a good price. No such luck! Doug laughed at me when I told him what I was doing. Men just don't understand! tehe!

    Are ya ready for Turkey Day? I'm not!