Monday, November 19, 2007

Monday, November 19, 2007

Alise came down with the croup again Saturday morning so I called the doctor’s office and Dr. Bodron was on call. The nurse told me that normally the docs do not like to prescribe steroids (what she had last time) to kids and so she called me in a “mixture.” I had to go all over town to finally pick up the prescription because no one seemed to have the ingredients to make the medicine. I finally got it at about 6:00 Saturday night. She is doing better, but still has coughing spurts; at least she doesn’t still sound like a seal. Actually, I think she and I just keep passing it back to one another because I had a touch of it last week, too. It’s just the weather! It’s so crazy! Hot one day and cold the next!!

Obviously she was feeling well enough Saturday night to throw a pitching, screaming, crying fit in Gymboree! I mean a full-blown temper tantrum right there in the store…laying down kicking and hitting the floor! When I finally got her out of there, she was still screaming in her stroller and everyone was turning around looking at us. I just wanted to crawl under a rock somewhere and die! I pulled that stroller over in Sears and I said, “Little lady, do you want to go home?” She said, “NO!” I said, “Well, you better dry it up right now or I’m going to spank you all the way back to the car!” She just looked at me. I know she was tired and didn’t feel good, but I absolutely had to find her some white tights for our pictures the next day. Oh, I was ready to kill her!! And then! What do I do? I take her in Libby Lu’s and buy her a tube of lipgloss! The child is addicted to lipstick, chapstick, and lipgloss. I let her get out of the stroller and run all around the store. She kept hollering, “Moma! Look! It’s Hannah Ma-tana!” There were two little girls that were getting dressed up like Hannah Montana and one of the sales clerks put some glitter powder on Alise’s shirt. She thought she was something else!! With her lipgloss and her sparkly shirt. While I was checking out, she brought me this pink poodle and the matching purse to put the stupid poodle in. I told her, “No, ma’am. I am not buying that!” She actually went and put it back. I was shocked!! She can be the sweetest thing when she wants to be!

OH!! Before the meltdown in Gymboree, Alise went to talk to Santa Claus!! Can you believe it? I nearly fainted!! I actually went with her. Now, we have been talking up this whole Santa Claus thing and I had told her that he might be at the mall. Well, she was all about seeing him!! We eased up to the area and believe it or not, there was no line. She kinda looked at him for a long time and pointed to him and asked, “Santa Claus?” I said, “Do you want Mommie to go with you?” and she shook her head, so we went to see Santa together. She wouldn’t sit on his lap, but just looked at him. He asked her what she wanted for Christmas and she said, “I dunno!” So I had to remind her of all the things she wanted. She was so proud of herself! And I was, too. I never thought she would do it! Now, I’m hoping this weekend, she will actually sit on his lap and make a great picture at Spoiled Rotten on Saturday.

But back to Gymboree, you need to check out the new line that comes out tomorrow! It’s suppose to be a cupcake theme! I can’t wait!! That’s what the sales clerk was trying to tell me when Alise was having her meltdown….and all because she wasn’t ready to go yet! Ugh!

I’ve got my new pictures displayed all over the house and on my desk at work. I just love them all! Everyone at work said that they were so good! I was very proud of Alise because she did so well. By the time we got to the pajama wardrobe change, though, she had just about had enough. And, of course, I had issues with her hair not cooperating again. The polka dot dress with the matching shoes were SO cute! Everyone in the store kept talking about that outfit! But I think my favorite is with the snow globe! Mirya, you just have to do the snow globe!

Alise is talking up a storm and her vocabulary is getting broader. Her pronunciation is getting clearer so it’s not so hard to understand her these days. I still get the “cause why’s” a lot and she loves to sing! She sings all the time! She was singing some song that I have never heard of this morning on the way to school. She said, “Sing, Mommie! Sing with me!” She thought I should have known the song she was singing. She loves to play hide and seek and ring-around-the-rosies. I get dizzy walking around in circles with her for that one. We’re still working on the potty training. My mom seems to think that she should be potty-trained by now, but I just don’t feel I’m getting the help I need from her school. Alise tee-tee’ed in her pink training pants last night in the bathroom, but I think it was because she heard the water running. We were getting ready for a bath, so I couldn’t let her walk around in wet drawers, although she did give me this look like, “Agh! I don’t like this.” We’re going to stick with the training pants for a while longer. She did well yesterday except for one accident at the portrait studio. This weekend, she did tell me several times that she needed to go potty without me actually having to ask her myself.

Alise and I are going to spend the day Wednesday cooking and cleaning and running some errands. She is pretty good about picking up her toys and putting things away….I guess she gets that from school. We bought her a new white bookcase to go in her room a few weeks ago and she has done a very good job with putting her books back where they go. Each night before she goes to bed, she has to pick up her toys. One trick that seems to work for us is using the timer on the microwave. We tell her, “Okay, Alise you have five minutes before bed” (or something like that) and she knows that when that timer goes off, it’s time to do whatever. Sometimes, she has even requested that we set the timer. And, we don’t cheat her, either. If we tell her five minutes, then that’s what we set the timer for. So far, it has worked really well for us and cut down on a lot more meltdowns. Anyway, I need to wash and fold clothes, go to the grocery store (I can’t believe I am even considering taking her the day before Thanksgiving), get the car cleaned, and straighten the house. I plan on putting the Christmas trees up on Sunday afternoon, so the house has got to be clean. I thought about letting my mom keep her while I did all the decorating, but that’s not fair to Alise. I know she’ll want to decorate the tree in her room, at least. I can’t help but wonder what she’s going to think about all this stuff this year! As for baking, I thought she and I might make some chocolate chip cookies. We’ll head over to my mom and dad’s sometime that afternoon to spend the night again.

I’ve been thinking about what little chores Alise can start doing around the house. Right now, she helps me unload the utensils out of the dishwasher and puts them in the drawer. However, I usually have to go back behind her because she’s not tall enough to actually see where they go. But it still helps because she feels like she’s doing something. This week, I want to start teaching her how to make her bed. I’m thinking about moving her bed from the corner of her room out to the middle so that it’s easier for her to do it. I showed her how one Saturday and she wanted to do it herself. So I left the room for a few minutes, came back and she had all the sheets smoothed out with her baby dolls and stuffed animals covered up and peeking out. It was so cute! But, usually, in the mornings, it is such a feat for us to get out the door, that making a bed is the absolute last thing on my mind! Normally, if I don’t do it myself, she’ll pick up her dirty clothes or shoes (in the living room…she is just like her daddy!) and put them away, but that’s after I tell her to. By the way, I’ve lost my wooden spoon! Or maybe someone has hid it from me? I’ve resorted to using a white cake spatula, but I haven’t actually had to use it yet!!

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