Friday, November 09, 2007

Friday, November 9, 2007

Tonight Wayne and I took Alise to Fox's Pizza - the place where we had her birthday party in May. I don't think she remembered the place. I'm not sure if we will be able to have a party there in the future because the "party room" is now decorated with area football teams' jerseys and helmets....kinda hard to take down for streamers, balloons and ribbons. Anyway, my point to this whole story is that there was a little girl who was about three years old that had on an LSU cheerleader outfit. Alise was totally amazed! She wanted to talk to her and they became friends; she forgot all about the pizza! Much to our disappointment, they hit it off and before I knew it, the little girl (who was three) and her older sister started doing cheers right there in the pizza joint! Alise was loving it and clapping her hands. Oh, no! Wayne and I both had on our Bama garb and when I told the girls' parents that Alise had a Bama cheerleader outfit at home, it went over like a lead balloon. We quickly got Alise away from the "competition." I would have given anything to hear her tell that family to "Roll Tide!"

I have opted out of the zoo tomorrow for shots instead. Alise is well over due for her shots. Yes, I am taking Alise to shots for tots in the morning to "get 'er done." I really hate it. I've been dreading it for two days! She is going to be so mad at me!! But I hope to make it up to her by taking her to the park. She has been asking about the park all week and so I may use it as leverage tomorrow after we have a complete meltdown at P&S. Also, the Biedenhard Gardens are having a fall project for children tomorrow from 9 to 1 o'clock. Since it's close to the park, I might try to take her to that, too.

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