Friday, November 23, 2007

Friday, November 24, 2007

Welcome to the world Ella Marie Elias! Proud parents are Brian and Jill Elias as well as beaming grandparents, Steve and Donna Manning. Ella Marie was born Wednesday, weighing 6 pounds and 17 inches long with a head full of black hair. Alise and I didn't get a chance to go visit this afternoon, but we wanted to. With the cooler weather and Alise getting over the croup, I thought we better not go. Maybe we'll get to see Baby Ella soon enough.

For those inquiring minds, Alise did not make the paper yesterday. Another little girl did. I was SO disappointed!

Amie came over this morning at 7 o'clock to keep Alise until noon. Mom and I went shopping at the mall. The main stores we hit were Belk and Penny's. Actually, I didn't think the mall was too bad. There were even parking spaces left in the parking lot! This makes two years in a row that we missed the Chic-fil-a chicken biscuits! Can you believe that they were serving the lunch menu before 9:00 this morning? You would think with Penny's opening at 4AM that the store would not be as busy, but it was more crowded than Belk. Anyway, we managed to get some pretty good deals. Mom got Brooklyn some cute outfits. I got Alise two striped, ribbed turtlenecks for $10 a piece and I also got a pair of brown boots that was one of the door busters!

I made the mistake of reading Mirya's blog to Alise and telling her about Katie ending up in the hallway. I told her that it stormed at Katie's house like it did at her Nana & Papaw's house Wednesday night and that she got scared and that's why she slept in the hallway. Now, all I've heard all afternoon is, "Moma, Katie got scared? Why Katie get scared, Moma?" Tonight when I put her to bed, she said, "Moma, I scared." I was like, "Oh, no! We're not going to start that!"

Baby Girl has been so good today! We've had an absolute GREAT day with the potty training. No accidents this afternoon; she has tee-tee'd and pooped in the potty! I let her wear big girl panties this evening and still no accident. Maybe having an extra few days to work with her will encourage her to do better. I think one thing that has helped is that she is so excited about going to see Santa tomorrow. I told her that Santa would ask how she was doing with the whole potty thing. She told me tonight, "I not poopy in my panties 'cause I want to see Santa!" So, yes, tomorrow we are headed to Spoiled Rotten to have professional pictures with Santa.

How 'bout those LSU tigers? Roll Tide!!

I've been working on my Christmas cards tonight. For the first time in years, I don't feel that the whole card thing is going to be a pain this year. I am so glad that I decided to spend the extra money to get the Christmas cards from Portrait Innovations last weekend.

Alise and I went to Ms. Manning's (Steve's mom) house late yesterday afternoon for a little family "shin-dig" for Chad and Allison. It was very nice with cake and red punch that was so good. They got tons of Christmas ornaments with their envelopes, which I thought was a neat idea! Christmas ornaments to decorate their first tree together. Chad was excited that Casey and his girlfriend got them the electric skillet. He said he could fry himself up a batch of deer meat, now. Alise had a blast running around the house chasing the dog, Gracie. She was obsessed to the point that she would hardly have anything to do with Jackson (Steve's grand-nephew that is 18 months). I took some pictures and I will try to publish them later this weekend.

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