Friday, November 16, 2007

Friday, November 16, 2007

I got the best news in the whole wide world today!! At work, it is time for our annual benefit enrollment. To make a long story short, I use pre-tax dollars to pay for Alise’s daycare by taking advantage of the flexible spending account the hospital provides as a benefit to its employees. I picked up my benefit packet today and began reading to try and figure out how much money I need to plan for next year. Lo and behold, there it was in plain English, “ Private school tuition K4 and above is not eligible for reimbursement. Eligible expenses include nursery school or preschool, if the child is too young for kindergarten.” I couldn’t believe it! I had to call the benefit hotline to be sure! No, I wasn’t going crazy!! I can actually pay for Alise’s private school next year the same way I am paying for her daycare right now! You just don’t know what a blessing that is!
And! On top of that, Wayne and I had a question regarding the tuition rates for preschoolers and Catholic/Non-catholic students at JGS. The rates were a little confusing, so I emailed Ms. Patrick, the principal, and asked her which rate would apply in Alise’s situation . She emailed me back stating that the Catholic/Non-Catholic rates did not apply to the preschoolers; they only applied to K-6th and so therefore, the rate of tuition is about $500 less than we thought it would originally be.

I was so excited about the whole enrollment thing that I went at lunch and finished paying off Alise’s lay-a-way at Spoiled Rotten. We are lay-a-way free!!! Except for the leopard coat I still have at Avenue Kids, but I only owe like $40 on it! As I was walking out the door of Spoiled Rotten, I asked one of the sales clerks if the owner would be having pictures with Santa as an appreciation to her customers this year. She told me that the pictures with Santa are scheduled for next weekend. Last year I got a card in the mail, but the owner must not have sent them out this year. Anyway, I am going to try and take Alise to have her picture made with Santa next weekend. Now, these aren’t “mall” pictures! These are the cute “boutique-y” looking pictures with the fireplace and all that jazz. And with a professional photographer! I can’t wait! The pictures are open to the public so if you’re interested, you need to get your kiddie all spiffed up and get’em up there next Saturday. The store opens that morning at 9:00, by the way.

Speaking of pictures, Alise got her school pictures back yesterday and would you believe they actually turned out really nice. I didn’t put anything on Alise that looked too spectacular because she totally bombed at her school picture last year, but in these, she’s got her pink head band on and everything! I was shocked! So I ordered two 5x7’s and some wallets.

And, for those curious minds out there, no! Alise did not sleep with me last night! I stuck to my guns and told her that she couldn’t sleep with me because she had messed up her pullup. She went straight to her bed and was asleep in minutes.

I haven’t been to the grocery store in ages and this week, we’ve been pretty low on breakfast foods as well as everything else. Alise saw a leftover “push pop” sucker lying on the kitchen counter and wanted to eat that for breakfast this morning. She kindly avoided a meltdown and but the candy back on the kitchen counter. I have got to go to the grocery store!! Alise wanted to carry some powdered donuts in a bowl to school this morning (against the rules) and as soon as she walked in her room, Kai came running towards her with his hand reached out to grab the donuts. That’s all it took to convince her to put the bowl of donuts in her cubby. She wouldn’t listen to me.

I got online this morning and got directions to Chuck E. Cheese in Bossier City. When Wayne called I asked him if he wanted to take Alise there Sunday for lunch. He hem-haw’ed around, but I think he agreed. She’s never been to a Chuck E. Cheese. Anyway, I told her on the way to school this morning about her three wardrobe changes for Sunday and she just looked at me like I was crazy. I could hear her saying, “You think three changes, huh?”

Oh, well! Have a good weekend! We’re off to nana’s & papaw’s and hopefully Papaw has got a fire going! Check back with us Sunday night and maybe I’ll have some “Portrait Innovation” pictures to share with you!

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