Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Check out Alise in our local newspaper!

Baby Girl may be in the newspaper tomorrow...the Thanksgiving edition of "The News Star World!" For now, you can check her out online at Go to photo galleries on the left hand side of the page and click on "News Star Galleries." Alise's picture is the 9th in a series of 13.

Here's the scoop: I took Alise to our local library this afternoon for "craft time." Normally, these are scheduled for children during the day and so I never get the opportunity to take her. So today, we went to the library and made turkeys with the kids hands and also out of oreo cookies. Alise loved it and did such a wonderful job!

I noticed someone taking pictures, but I just assumed it was someone with the library. One of the moms across the table asked if the pictures were going to be in the newspaper. The photographer said that she wasn't sure, but they would either be in the paper or online. Before she left, she asked me what Alise's name was. I was shocked and so excited because she didn't ask any of the other children. She wrote her name down and then left, so I am hoping Baby Girl will be in the Thanksgiving edition tomorrow!

When we got home, I told Wayne about it and he said, "Why didn't you put her Alabama t-shirt on her?" Actually, she had on her North Monroe Baptist Church t-shirt, so if anyone needed the publicity this time of year, it was the Good Lord above!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!

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