Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

I forgot to tell you that Alise is getting taller. I caught her hic-uping a few weeks ago and I wondered to myself if she would take a growing spurt. Today she wore a new Gymboree outfit to school and the dark purple leggings made her look so tall! I noticed last night when I was drying her off after her bath that I can no longer bend over her head to dry the back of her legs off ( I use to be able to bend over and the top of her head would just barely touch my waist).

Alise slept in her bed the whole night! Wayne put the fear of God in her last night about getting in bed with us. I heard her this morning around six o’clock just as Wayne was getting in the shower. I hollered for her to come get in bed with me. The first thing she said when she got in was, “I not want a spankin’, Mommie” I told her that it was early enough that she wouldn’t get a spanking from her Daddy. We cuddled in the bed for about thirty minutes and then she went to say “bye” to Wayne.

If you’re reading this, then, consider yourself “tagged.” Alise’s future school (maybe, if I can find that rich Uncle of mine somewhere…), Grace Episcopal, is having their annual fall fund-raiser. It’s for the Christmas evergreens…real, live Christmas wreaths, swags, table arrangements, etc. You can even have them shipped to a friend or relative in the US. Most of the evergreen arrangements come with bows and pinecones. They are very nice and make your house smell wonderful during the holidays. I’ve bought them in the past and they are really great! Anyway, some of the selling brochures were beside the sign-in sheet this morning at Alise’s school and I grabbed one. I’ve decided to “do unto others as I’ve been done unto” and so I’m hitting up everyone I know about buying some! The basic, standard wreath (with one red bow and three bunches of pinecones) is $20. Get your checkbooks out! Please support my baby!!! Let me know if you are interested!!

By the time I dropped Alise off this morning, she had used the potty three times with no accidents! I was SO proud of her, but now she is getting SO independent. She doesn’t want you helping her at all!! She’s also getting to where she doesn’t even want you in the room with her and I have to be careful about this because if I’m gone too long, the next thing I know, she’s pulling out the container under the potty and swinging it in the air, hollering, “Look, Mommie! Look!” Yuck! Tonight she pooped in the potty and we still didn't have any accidents at home today. I'm not sure how well she did at school.

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