Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I may have found another option for our preK-3 dilemma. Sunday at church, Debbie told me that her granddaughter is attending the preK-4 program at First United Methodist Church and that they also have a preK-3 program. I called the preschool on Monday when I got to work and I have an appointment with the director this coming Tuesday (I have four schools to tour back-to-back that day). The director told me that the school is a half day program beginning at 8:30 and going to 11:30. After that, the children go to "lunch bunch" and then take a nap. After nap time, the children are combined with the regular daycare children. Currently, there are two preK-3 classes with a class limit of eleven per class. When I asked how many children she thought would be moving up to the preK-3 program next year, the director told me a possible twelve. So that only leaves about ten more slots open. Tuition for preschool and after school care combined are the same amount that I am currently paying at Grace Yellow House. Also, the preschool follows a regular holiday schedule and the daycare could accomadate those days when regular school is closed. I am still keeping my options open and I look forward to seeing the school next week. Wayne and I are just questioning whether or not Alise is really ready for "school." I mean, she's got the rest of her life to go to school! Let her be a kid!! I know. It seems I've had a change of heart since last week. The fact of the matter is, her time is up at Yellow House as of next August, so I have to find somewhere else for her to go before then. I wrote a note to Allie's mom about FUM to let her know about it, but I haven't actually talked to her about it.

Tiffany and I are taking the girls to the Pumpkin patch on Saturday morning. We're meeting there at 10:30 and then we're going to take them to McDonald's for lunch. When I said something to Alise about getting together with her friend, Addison, her whole face lit up! I hope it is cool enough for Alise to wear her Gymboree pumpkin shirt that she has yet to wear!! Where is all this cooler weather? I do plan on taking her back to the patch maybe one day after school and take some pictures of her in her smocked pumpkin dress. Tiffany and I have also made plans to get the girls together again this year for Halloween like we did last year. I am going to get Alise to help me fill her classmates' goody bags for her school halloween party.

If you didn't get the Belk sale circular in the mail last week, it seems they are having a really good sale beginning today and going through this weekend. I haven't been there (of course), but I did find the circular on the floor in the living room and saw some things in there that might work as Christmas gifts. Also, Gymboree has got a sale on some of their turtlenecks and leggings! We love leggings!

I have decided not to get the easel for Alise for Christmas. She just doesn't need it. She'd be much happier with the Aqua Doodle thingy. Wayne mentioned getting someone to keep Baby Girl one night while we go to Toys R Us and look around and get some ideas for her. She seems interested lately in the new Dora DVD about the Mermaid, so we might get her that. I think I have decided to keep the new clothes I bought at Gymboree (lepard, red, and black) for Christmas, too. I had picked up a few neat things for her at a toy shop while we were in Birmingham, so really she doesn't need much of anything else. When she sees something that she wants, I always tell her that she needs to talk to Santa Claus about it. She just looks at me and grins. Yeah, we'll see how close she gets to Santa this year!!!

The potty training is still going. She's still not perfect yet, nor are we ready for real panties. She used the bathroom (both) in her pullup tonight and I know she did it just to tick me off! She had a meltdown tonight when Wayne washed her hair and gave her a bath, so we put her to bed early. I think she was just really tired.

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