Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

I still haven’t found that rich uncle. So I went ahead and called the three private schools that Wayne and I are considering next year for Alise for PreK-3: Grace Episcopal, Jesus Good Shepherd (Catholic School), and River Oaks. I have made an appointment to tour all three schools the week of October 22nd. Wayne is going to try and take off to go with me to visit River Oaks (his preference, I think). There are pros and cons to each. River Oaks is the only school that has grades PreK-3 through 12th grade. The preschoolers at Grace go to the library, have computer, art, music, and religion classes as well as PE. They must also wear uniforms. I also called the uniform shop today and a plaid jumper in size three is $43.99. The peter-pan collar blouse to go under the jumper is $15.99. That means that my three year old daughter will be wearing a $60 outfit to school every day! I don’t know if what I wear to work everyday – including shoes – costs that much! From the research that I’ve done so far, tuition for schools is virtually the same. Grace may be a little more expensive when you consider the uniform expense. The only reason we are considering JGS is because of the strict Catholic background and because her best friend, Allie (who is not Catholic – I have already verified this with her parents), will be going there next year as well. Either way, Alise will be attending a private school next year for PreK-3. I realize that the whole idea of sending a three year old to a private school sounds absurd, but the local elementary school down from our house does not offer PreK-3 or PreK-4 classes. The public schools that do offer these classes, we are not zoned to attend. The private schools also have smaller class sizes and I have always been a fan of that ever since Alise attended North Monroe Daycare. It took some getting use to when we began going to Yellow House because of the bigger class size (she currently has about 25 kids in her class and the smallest class size at River Oaks is 11). I am not saying that Alise will always attend a private school, but this is a decision that we’ve made for at least the next two years.

Wayne and I are headed to Oxford, Mississippi this weekend to the Ole Miss versus Alabama game. Mr. Berry at our church is an Ole Miss fan and he won’t be able to attend the game. He called Sunday night to ask if we wanted his tickets so we’ve been scurrying around for the past two days to find a babysitter. I will say that Mr. Jim was looking out for us, though. He “upgraded” our tickets to the Alabama (visitor) side. We’re excited about going to another Alabama game! Alise will get to stay with her Nana. I think I’ve been to the state of Mississippi more this week than I ever have!! Anyway, I guess I won't be able to take Alise to the Garden District Fall Festival this weekend. Oh, well. It won't be the first thing we've missed on our social calendar for the month! We didn't make it to the Celtic Festival last weekend, either. But we have GOT to make it to the Pumpkin Patch!!

Alise did very well last night at gymnastics! She is beginning to roll her hands on the bars when she does her skin-the-cat “flips”. Ms. SueAnn said that it was wonderful because that skill is something that is hard to teach most students. She did let go of the bar once, but she kept her arms very straight most of the night and did really well. I love to watch her on the beam! She looked like a pro walking the beam side ways with her arms out like an airplane. Ms. SueAnn is her new best friend! I will try to remember next week to take the camera and get some pictures of her in action!

Strep throat and mono are going around the schools. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that we all don’t come down with it. Last week, when I was in Spoiled Rotten paying on Alise’s lay-a-way, the girls in there said that it was going around Neville and Lexington schools. Great! Emma’s older brother goes to Lexington! Today, one of my employees called the doctor for her husband to ask for a prescription and the nurse said that he had to come in because there was a bad case of strep going around. If Alise can just stay well through Thursday!!

On Thursday, my mom and I are headed to Canton, Mississippi to the big arts and craft festival. It lasts for one day and one day only! At 5:00, everyone is packing up and headed home! It’s probably been close to ten years since we’ve gone. We’ll be much later than we usually are because I have to drop Alise off at school, but Wayne is the “mom” for the day….he gets to pick her up from school and if something happens, they have to call him that day. I’m so excited!! Let him take her to the potty for a change!!

As far as the potty training is going, we still have good days and not-so good days. Alise’s biggest thing now when you ask her if she needs to potty is, “I don’t want to go potty.” It drives me crazy because I know she has to go. This morning at school, I could not get her to go. We walked outside, there was Ms. Sandy. I told her that Alise had drank a lot of milk this morning, but she wouldn’t go potty. Then, she looks up at me and say, “I go potty, Moma!” Ugh! She makes me out to be a liar every time! She did not do as well at Misty’s shower as she did at Jill’s about going to the potty. We had two accidents, but there was too much excitement and just too much going on so I didn’t let it bother me or her.

She did fairly well at Misty’s shower on Saturday. I don’t think it helped that we got there an hour before the party so we could visit with Brian and Misty and that it was also during nap time. After about two hours, she was ready to go. She did get interested in a few of Baby Claire’s presents! She ate two petit feurs with me and then was on a sugar high!! But she did really well with not running through Ms. Deneen’s house or meddling. Everyone thought she was precious and of course, she was. I was tempted to let her wear the pumpkin dress again, but it was so hot and I knew that we had already worn that dress to Jill’s shower, but in the same thought, I wanted to get my money out of the pumpkin dress. Anyway, I ended up letting Alise choose and she ended up choosing the Cinderella smocked dress instead. She also wore her new bracelet to match that Ms. Leigh made. Too cute!

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