Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

We are considering three private schools for Alise next year for prek-3: River Oaks, Jesus the Good Shepherd, and Grace Episcopal. The only non-private school that we are considering is First United Methodist Church. Out of the four schools, I attended two today: JGS and FUM (The principal at RO had to cancel because her daughter had a baby and the admissions clerk at Grace did not return my call which REALLY ticks me off!). We are facing a dilemma and I feel that we are at a crossroads about determining what school to send Alise to next fall. If I had to choose one of the schools I visited today, I would choose Jesus Good Shepherd. Of the two, it definitly had more of a "school" atmosphere. The principal was very nice. The prek-3 classes seemed small and I actually knew one of the teachers. There was a metal fence all around the school, with nice playground equipment, a library, computer lab, music and art room. And, yes, preschoolers are required to wear uniforms. At FUM, I felt like I was more in a daycare than school. Obviously, price makes a difference. The director of the preschool was the pastor's wife, but she was really nice. I just got the impression that the teachers were more or less "babysitting," but she did talk about field trips that the children go on. Even though it wasn't my first choice, I went ahead and put Alise's name on the wait list at FUM and I plan to take the application to JGS back this week. My problem is this: Do I wait another year and let Alise "play" or do I go ahead and enroll her in "school." She is such a smart little girl, that I would really like to put her in a situation where she is challenged and learning new things. I am just really sick about this. I have to say one thing, though. The schools and classrooms are cluttered with junk everywhere!! It's been a while since I've been in school - much less a preschool classroom - but I bet there wasn't a space on any wall in the classroom of either school that didn't have something taped to it! They call them "play areas," but it just looked like a bunch of junk to me. I wanted to help these teachers start cleaning! I got to actually step in to the classroom at JGS and it just seemed so cluttered with "play areas." Even the hallways had stuff all over them...up and down and just everywhere! Ugh! I'm just not sure what to think about that?

You need to check out the new line at Gymboree! It is so cute with the reindeer, hearts and snowmen theme! I just "happen" to be in there today and bought Baby Girl a few things. Too cute!!

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  1. that's just the school atmosphere...you wouldn't wanna see my mom's room!