Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

The month of October will be a busy month for the Horton’s. Our social calendar is slammed for the next two weeks. This weekend, we are going to Jackson, Mississippi to see our old friends, Brian and Misty Craft. They are expecting their first child in December and Alise and I are going to go to Misty’s baby shower while Wayne and Brian pal around. Today, Alise got an invitation to Madison’s birthday party, but we won’t be able to go because we’ll be out of town. Madison is having a skating party and if you’ve been reading the blog, you know how disappointed I am that we won’t be able to go! Also, this weekend, the Celtic Festival is being held at our local zoo. I am hoping to take Alise on Sunday afternoon, if the weather is nice. Then, next weekend, the Garden District is having a Fall Festival at our local park so if the weather is nice then, we’ll try and make that, too. Then, one weekend, we’ll have to go to the pumpkin patch and see all the pumpkins and I think Grace Episcopal School will be having their annual Fall Festival one weekend soon, too. Because Alise’s school is associated with GES, the day school children usually get invited, too. Whew! I’m already tired. And I wonder why I do all this, but really, Alise enjoys it and it gives us time away from the house since Wayne will start hunting season and his weekly trips to the camp now that Fall is officially here!

I feel like I’ve been lied to. I was so disappointed yesterday when Ms. Sandy caught me in the hall to talk about Alise’s potty training. First of all, let me say that the part about being lied to has more to do with Alise’s behavior and not her potty training specifically. Sandy informed me yesterday, that, yes, my child has been put in time-out at school. My heart just fell. I’ve always pictured Alise being the sweetest angel and never getting in to trouble at school. I don’t know…maybe I’ve been living in a dream world for the last year and a half, but her teachers have never told me that they’ve had to discipline her. And not that I don’t want them too. They had better throw her over their knee and give her a good ol’ whooping as far as I’m concerned, but they act like they are so excited to see her in the morning and they are always so nice in the evenings when she leaves. So, yesterday, I found out for the first time that Alise has been put in time out and apparently it has to do with the love/hate relationship that she and Allie have. Sandy was kind enough to say that Alise is no worse than any of the other children in her class. As far as the potty training, Sandy suggested that I call and talk to Marion and ask her that her teachers spend more time with her. She said that the week she had Alise (Ms. Gloria was out), she did wonderful and it seems now that Alise has regressed. She told me that last week, Alise told Sandy while they were on the playground that she needed to potty so she sent her inside to the bathroom (First of all, I wanted to say, why did you send her to the potty by herself? She can barely get her pants down!). Sandy said that Ms. Gloria said that Alise didn’t need to potty; she had a pull up on. I told her that I felt like Ms. Gloria wasn’t working with Alise that hard as far as reminding her to go potty and asking her if she needed to and that I could tell that Alise had regressed a little and seemed to become disinterested again with going. So when I picked Alise up this afternoon, Marion was there and I told her that I was concerned that Alise wasn't getting the attention she needed for her potty breaks. She assured me that Alise was doing wonderfully. She had not had a single accident all day; she goes to the bathroom with Allie and Grace, but she would talk to Gloria about giving her a little more extra attention. I really don’t want to cause a fuss or make a big deal out of this. On the same note, though, I want my little girl to learn to go to the bathroom!!

You would not believe how well Alise did at gymnastics last night!! She was wonderful!! At one point, she was hollering, “Ms. SueAnn! Ms. SueAnn!” to her across the gym to come help her with a “skin-the-cat.” She walked the beam sideways with her hands out like an airplane. We practiced cartwheels on “Cartwheel Man” and jumped all over Nemo! I think she got rather tired, though, because one of the other little girls accidently hit her in the mouth in the ball pit and she got out all by herself (without me begging) and when I asked her if she was ready to go home, she said, “uh-huh!”

To mark the beginning of October, Alise wore the black t-shirt with the sparkly pumpkin and her black polka dot pants that I got her at Target to school yesterday. She also wore a pair of new black Stride-Rite shoes.

Wayne is getting upset with me. Alise has been getting in our bed around 3:00 in the morning. Needless to say, he doesn’t like it. He just doesn’t understand. It is so much easier just letting her get in our bed at 3:00 in the morning than having to put up with thirty minutes to an hour of her crying because we made her go back to her bed. It doesn’t matter, he says. She has a bed. So, tonight we are going to toughen up and make her go back to her own bed if she wakes up. Ugh!

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