Thursday, October 04, 2007

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Alise is the proud owner of two new fish! This is about the sixth round of "Mermaid" and "Cinderella." When she woke up this morning (in our bed. That story to follow...), one of the first things she talked about was getting some new fish. I told her that was her's and her daddy's thing and she would have to talk to him about that. I told her that she and her daddy needed to go on a date and go to the fish store. She was all for that! When Wayne called me at work this morning, I told him what she said. So...tonight, we did the Horton Friday Night Ritual (on a Thursday night) and while Alise and I were in Target buying more pullups for school, Wayne was at Petco getting our water tested (for the third time) and buying two more fish! Thus, Mermaid & Cinderella.

I am such a horrible mother! Alise was in front of me on the pull up aisle in Target, but I thought she was further ahead of me than she actually was and when I rounded the corner, I way-layed her with the shopping cart. I had my eyes on all the different pullups (Because Ms. Gloria insisted that I get the kind that pull apart on the sides! Ugh!!) and I simply wasn't paying attention. She's got a mark above her left eye and will probably end up with a bruise. Eileen's grandmother, "Tootsie," witnessed the whole thing so then I felt even worse! And Alise milked it for everything it was worth, too! I talked to Tootsie about Eileen's potty training and it sounds like Ashley and I are going through the same thing right now! At least now I don't feel alone. However, the last two days, Alise has done VERY well!! We have not had a single accident at home. Tonight, I bought some pullups for night time. I've been letting her wear a diaper at night. I'm thinking our diaper days are finally over!!

Now. About the bed story. Alise was having a meltdown last night! It was 9 o'clock and I was ready to go to bed myself. I finally told Wayne to go get her since he agreed to sleep on the couch. So, Alise ended up sleeping in our bed for the last time!! We told her that last night was the absolute last night. She had her bed and she was a big girl now. As I write this, Alise is in her bed, playing with her second Halloween flashlight.

You have got to go to Gymboree!!!!! You need to go to and check out the new "kitty" line. Today was the first day to redeem gymbucks and I took an early lunch and went. (I kinda had a little "insider" information because the store manager showed me the line a few weeks ago). Let's just say that my $25 worth of gymbucks didn't really help all that much. No, I didn't buy every single piece in the line, but let's just say that Alise is going to be the cutest black, red, and leopord kitty cat this winter. I'm debating about whether or not to save the outfits for Christmas.

I showed Alise the invitation to Madison's birthday party that has Hannah Montana on the front. She kept thinking that Madison was Hannah Montana. I had to keep telling her, "No, baby! That is not Madison. That's Hannah Montana." She'd say, "Hannah Montana?" I think she's a little too young to know who Hannah Montana is!!

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