Thursday, October 25, 2007

Thursday, October 25, 2007

I think I have discovered what may be some of Alise's problem for her crankiness this week. Last night while I was brushing her teeth, I noticed that she was cutting two more back teeth on either side of her mouth! Ouch!! As for her cold this week, we had a rather bad night last night. Alise woke up around 2:30 upset. I ended up sleeping on the floor beside her trundle bed because I took a chewing from Wayne the night before for letting her in our bed. Anyway, soon after, we had a coughing fit that last nearly 45 minutes...enough to wake Wayne up in our room. He put more vapor rub on her chest and throat and it worked! We all managed to get some more shut-eye for a few more hours (me still on the floor of her bedroom). On the way to school, Alise was laying her head down on the arm of her car seat and I was just about ready to throw in the towel and just call the doctor. But...I didn't. She saw Allie as soon as she got to school and after we carried in her entire bedroom of toys (which is prohibited by Ms. Marian...) she seemed to be fine. This evening, she was much better and it seems her appetite is coming back. She ate half of a chicken tender, some macaroni and cheese, and some oranges for dessert. Her sassy attitude has certainly returned. Tonight I think she spit at me behind my back when I told her it was bath time. Of course, that deserved a whole meltdown within itself...bath time. Having said all that, I think I will heed the nurse's advise and wait until Monday to see if she is any better before taking her in. We're pretty much over the croup; it's just all the congestion and coughing we're dealing with now.

This morning after I dropped Alise off at school, I took the Jesus the Good Shepherd application form by the school so that they would go ahead and put her name on the list incase there was an opening for fall 2008 enrollment. The secretary was so nice and friendly; I just really liked her! When I got back in the car, I decided to call Grace Episcopal again just to see if I might come by this morning. I made an appointment for 10:00. I immediately felt comfortable with the Director of Admissions, Stacey. She told me that her little boy had gone to Grace Yellow House this past summer and was now in the PreK-3 program at the elementary school and was loving it! She was very nice and took me around the entire elementary and middle schools. I immediatly fell in love with the campus!...brick walkways, curved and arched doorways, the courtyards and black metal fencing. It all reminded me of a garden/courtyard setting. Even the classrooms and hallways were colorful and nice looking. The library was very impressive. I saw the prek-3 classroom. It was much bigger than the one at JGS and not quite as cluttered, it seemed. The children were outside for recess and the teacher wasn't there because she was at a conference for the day. Stacey took me to one of the prek-4 classrooms and I met a mom who was subbing for the day. The two of them talked about how full the prek-3 class would be next year because there were so many sibblings that would be moving up (Sibblings of older children are enrolled before the Yellow House children are admitted). I took that as my que to get Alise's admissions form in quickly. We returned to Stacey's office and she told me that she had already put an admissions packet in the mail to me, but she had another one for me. Again, she kinda pushed the fact that I needed to get my form (and $50) in as quickly as possible incase it came to a "first come first serve" basis. When I got to the car, I opened the packet and nearly rear-ended the car in front of me!! I could not get over the tuition rates!! And those were rates for THIS school year!! The rates for the 08-09 school year have not even been decided. I just felt sick all over again. Just this morning I had met Allie's dad in the parking lot and told him that I had been by JGS and that I liked it and that I hoped we could keep the girls together. He said that he and his wife had been by there about three or four months ago and really liked it. I also hoped that we could keep the girls together. The only negative thing about Grace that I've heard is that the school seems to be more of a "social, country club" school and that the mothers were very clickish. I kinda got that impression today when Stacey and the sub teacher started talking about all the children that would be in the prek-3 class next year. Actually, they were referring to all the "A's" that would be in that room next year and I just casually mentioned that my daughter's name was Alise and the sub teacher just glanced my way and kinda gave me a fake smile (Her son, by the way, would also be in the prek-3 class). What I want to know is how in the world do these young people (like me and Wayne or even younger) afford to send their two and three kids to this school? These are the same parents that are driving expensive SUV's, the mothers don't work, and they live in the richest subdivisions in Monroe? Also, there is only one prek-3 class with a class size of about 22. JGS has two classes with a size of eleven or twelve in each room. After I thought about all that, I began to second guess my first choice for Alise's school next year. (But the little uniforms were CO CUTE!) The only school I have left to visit is River Oaks. I wish I could have gotten to visit this week so I could at least have a little more peace about which school I really wanted to pursue. I'm more or less caught in a predicament because I need to return the application forms as quickly as possible in case my first choice (what ever it is) falls through. The further on the food chain she is, the better her chances.

If there is one thing that I have learned through the aquisition of St. Francis, it's that the Catholic religion/faith is really not so bad. Although I do not agree with their religious beliefs and views, I do believe that they do a very good job of striving for the betterment of the whole person. They believe in putting Christ first, and to love others as yourself. This was quoted from the JGS principal on Tuesday and it is what Christ told us to do. I got no mention of religion or Christ today except that the three year olds have a "sorta religion class but it's not big deal."

On a less stressful note, Wayne and I have been playing the fool out of the Halloween game/email that I sent some of you yesterday. We're dying to go on Wheel of Fortune! We just know we could win a billion dollars!! Anyway, if you didn't get the email or would like to try your luck at Halloween Hangman, go to Mirya's website and check out the link.

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