Sunday, October 21, 2007

Sunday, October 21, 2007

I took Alise to the after-hours Pediatric clinic this afternoon. I noticed this morning that she was beginning to sound croupy and ever since we got home yesterday afternoon, she just hasn't acted like herself. She also hasn't eaten that much this weekend. There were a few times she even felt warm, but I never took her temperature. All three of us took a nap in our bed this afternoon and Alise woke herself (and us) up with a loud croupy cough. So, after nap time, I got her dressed, we called Nana & Papaw and told them that we weren't coming over this afternoon, and we headed to the clinic with our baggy of M&M's. Much to my surprise, there was only one other family - a dad and daughter - in the waiting room and apparently they were waiting for something because the dad asked the receptionist about a "culture." The little girl looked awful and I felt so sorry for her, but when I heard the conversation, I started thinking strep throat. We made it to the triage room and Alise was so good. She even got on the scale by herself. Baby Girl weighs 31 pounds! We got in a room, saw the nurse practicioner and everything looked good (ears, the way, the tubes are still in!) until she felt of Alise's lymph nodes. She said that they were swollen and wanted to do a strep test. Ugh! Although I really didn't think she had it, I agreed to the test since it would only take five minutes and if by chance she did, I certainly wanted to catch it early. The test was negative and Alise and I headed to the pharmacy with our prescription for a steroid to help with the croup. Poor baby just doesn't feel good. I ended up buying her a whole bag of suckers and some actual "Baby aspirin" instead of the usual liquid kind. She thought taking the aspirin was just the neatest thing, but she didn't even finish a whole sucker....maybe three licks. As for the potty training this weekend, that's been nil and none. Much to my disappointment, I think she's only used the potty about three times the entire weekend. Potty training is so hard when you're not at home and you have to use public bathrooms. It's like you want to tell them just go ahead and use their pullup, but then it confuses them. I just absolutely hate taking Alise into public bathrooms! I need to invest in that portable potty seat that Mirya talked about.

Wayne worked on the tile floor at the house next door while we were at the doctor's. I am happy that he is working on the other house again. We spent two hours exchanging refrigerators tonight. The new one is much smaller and seems so much "lower" if that makes any sense. It is not a side-by-side like we had before.

We have a busy week. Alise has gymnastics tomorrow night. Tuesday afternoon when I pick her up, we are going to see Baby Ellie. Lea Russell, one of the girls I use to babysit, and her husband have had a baby and I didn't get to go to the shower, so I still need to get them something. Alise wants to get Baby Ellie a "tiny" teddybear. Of course, I am off all week, but my week starts out with a bang when I have to go to Wal-mart first thing in the morning! You know how much I hate Wal-mart!!! Then I plan to come home and clean out drawers and closets! On Tuesday, I have four schools to tour. I want to take Alise back to the pumpkin patch one day after school so I can take a picture of her with her smocked pumpkin dress on. I have to meet my mom on Wednesday and I have an appointment on Thursday. Busy, busy!!

Wayne and I are watching the Alabama v. Tennessee game right now. I never thought I'd hear him say this: "It's no fun watching when you already know what the score is!" Can you believe he said that? I said, "Roll Tide" to Kurt Keene in the hallway today at church and he just moaned and looked away. I told Wayne on the way home that next Saturday will be "normal" for us since both Alabama and LSU have a bie. Then, the next weekend, we head back to Tuscaloosa. Roll Tide!!!

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