Saturday, October 27, 2007

Saturday, October 27, 2007

I hate my new crockpot! When Alise and I got home this afternoon, it was nearly on fire! Well, not really, but my taco soup was very scortched. I think it just cooks things wide open at one temperature. Last weekend, I cooked spaghetti sauce on "high" (4 hours) and it was nearly burnt up when we got home from church. Wayne suggested I use the "low" setting (8-10 hours) but that didn't work, either. The taco soup was well done tonight! I should have asked him to bring my old one home with him from the camp tonight.

Alise and I spent a wonderful, crisp, fall morning at the pumpkin patch. I took pictures of her in her smocked pumpkin dress. She did very good, but the sun was in her eyes in most of the pictures, so I really didn't get any smiles. However, when I got home and uploaded the pictures, I went out to snapfish and did some "editing" and added a border, so some of you will be getting a Fall picture of Baby Girl in your mailbox very soon.

After the pumpkin patch, I changed Alise's clothes in the car to jeans and a Halloween shirt and we headed to her (possible) new school, Grace Episcopal to their annual Fall Festival. Alise had a blast!! She did the pick-up-duck game, the put-put game, the space jumper thingy, and the fish game. She also got her face painted again with a pumpkin on her cheek. She also played on the slide and did alota swinging. It was such a nice morning and she just enjoyed seeing all the older kids running around! She got several compliments of her red glittery sun glasses (THe Children's Place)! However, she was not very happy with me that I had not ordered lunch for us (Coney Island catered but you had to buy those before the day of the festival). I saw some people that I knew and as we were walking out to the car, she asked me, "Dis my cool, Mommie?" I said, "I don't know, Baby, we'll just have to see." "Okay, mommie!" I think she realized where she was at the "big school" because the area where the fall festival was, was in the playground area that she sees all the big kids playing in when I pick her up everyday from Yellow House. The two schools are adjacent to one another across the street.

From there, we had lunch at McDonald's and then came home and found the burnt taco soup. We took a nap together in my bed (Alise thought she was some thing else getting to sleep in my bed last night and then again for a nap this afternoon). She was the perfect angel all day! We only had one potty accident today and you might have known that it would be when she had her mermaid panties on! Ugh!

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