Monday, October 15, 2007

Monday, October 15, 2007

Whew! What a night! We had a little excitement tonight. After Alise and I pulled up in the driveway from gymnastics, Wayne pulled in behind us and hollered through the pouring rain for us to get in the truck. He said Donna had been in a wreck and was in the hospital. Alise and I switched vehicles and off we went to North Monroe. When we got there, I asked the clerk if we could see her and she said that Donna had not seen the doctor yet so we weren't allowed back. Eventually, Chad, Allison and Steve showed up with some clothes for Donna. Then Casey and his girlfriend got there and we all ate out of the vending machines while we waited for some word from a nurse. Casey finally snuck (is that even a word?) back in the ER area and about fifteen minutes later, he and Donna both came out. Donna is bruised up pretty badly and will probably be feeling the effects of the wreck tomorrow. One arm and hand were very swollen, but the doctor said that they weren't broken. She had to have three stitches in the other arm. There was glass in that arm. We're just all very thankful that she's okay and walked away with scratches and bruises. Alise was concerned about her Aunt. I don't think she understood that Donna had been in a wreck. Tonight, on the way home, she told me, "Aunt Donna has a bow-bow." I think that's all she really understands.

Alise was not interested in gymnastics tonight. I think she was tired. She laid around on the floor alot and I had to coax her more than usual to do her "tricks." The only time she seemed a little interested was when Ms. SueAnn gave her special attention on the bars and beam. She did a pretty good v-set tonight on the beam and did about ten skin-the-cats on the bars. She did only one roll and lots of jumping!

I have discovered another option for our daycare woes. A friend at church told me about First United Methodist Church that has a prek-3 and prek-4 program, so I called today and scheduled a visit to the school next week. The prek-3 program is only for half a day from 8:30 to 11:30. After that, the children go to "lunch bunch" and then take a nap. After that, they have a program within the church daycare. The cost was $260 per month and $35 a week for after school care. The total cost would be $400, which is what I am paying now at Grace Yellow House. No uniforms, no private school. However, there is only two classes with a max class size of eleven. Depending on how many of the two year olds moved up to the prek-3 class would determine if Alise could even get in! And that's not even considering a waiting list! With everything that has happened tonight, I haven't had time to talk to Wayne about it. However, if I am the very least impressed or interested after touring next week, I will ask that they go ahead and put Alise's name on the wait list. My biggest fear is getting to August of next year and having no where for her to go!

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  1. I'm SO proud of you! You actually have a playlist on here now!