Friday, October 19, 2007

Friday, October 19, 2007

Tonight was "Daddy-Daughter date night" for Wayne and Alise. They went to Sears and picked up the new fridge and ate supper at Chic-fil-a in the mall. Wayne said that she was very disappointed that she couldn't ride the train because the train tracks were messed up. He promised that I would hear all about it tomorrow. While daddy and daughter were out on a date, I got my nails done and headed over to Belk to try out the great sale they were having, and I must say, it is one great sale!!! I got two Christmas gifts tonight, a pair of shoes for myself (I was in desparate need of another pair of brown heels), and Alise a couple of Christmas shirts. Mirya, Belk also had the fleece jackets for the girls on sale that we looked at in Tuscaloosa! They are regular $25 and they were on sale for $15. I debated for the longest time over the pink or purple jacket and I finally picked the pink for Baby Girl. I hope you luck up and get Katie bug one!! I could have bought tons more other things, but I was good! I really wanted this leopard velour pull over that zips up the front, but even at 40% off, the pull over would have cost about $27.00 and since I had already bought the shoes, I decided not to get the pullover jacket.

Before we all went our separate ways tonight, Tiffany called and told me about a fall festival ULM is having tomorrow for children at Filhol. They're suppose to have face painting and a bunch more things. It's so funny that she called because this week, Alise has been telling me that she wants to get her face painted. Of course, I didn't know where to take her to have this done. After I got off the phone, I told her that Ms. Tiffany had found a place for us to get her face painted. She said, "okay, Mommie! I want one right here (pointed to one cheek) and one right here (pointed to the other cheek)." I had to laugh! So the plan is to meet at Filhol in the morning at 10:15, let the girls have their way at the festival and then head over to the pumpkin patch and then on to McDonald's for lunch. I've got Wayne charging up the camera right now. He's headed to the camp tomorrow, so it'll just be me and Baby Girl tomorrow. Stay tuned for pics!!

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  1. Hey girl!
    I actually got Katie the pink fleece zip up during one of Belk's sales. I carry Katie's jacket every where, even today when we got to go to TN. Did you happen to see the Christmas outfits, they had in stock. I love the Christmas button up sweater. I've got my eye on it so I can pounce on it when it goes on sale.