Saturday, October 20, 2007

Alise & Addison at the Pumpkin Patch

How 'bout the Crimson Tide today? ROLL TIDE!!! I have to tell you a funny story. Wayne t-voes all the Alabama games. Since I was running around with Alise today and he was headed over to the camp, we both agreed that we would not watch the game until he got back. Well, I put Alise down around 2:00 for her regualar afternoon nap and I started flipping through the channels on TV to see if the game was still on. I couldn't find it. I called Wayne to tell him that the plumber showed up next door and he said, "Man, I'm dying over here! I'm dying to know what the score is! I've been wanting to turn the TV on, but I haven't." So I said, turn it on and let me know what channel it's on so I can watch, too. Well, the phone went dead shortly after that and for the next twenty minutes, Wayne and I keep calling one another but I can't hear him. I know by this time he's getting aggravated and he's yelling in the phone. After about thirty minutes, he finally gets through and I can hear him. He tells me the number, I flip over and I do just in time to see the fading of the score. All I see is 41-17. I'm about to have a heart attack because I really thought we were going to loose the game. I called Wayne back to see if I saw the score correctly and he's singing "Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer" in my ear. I took it as we really won! We have yet to watch the game, but we have seen the highlites on ESPN. Right now, it's half time of the LSU and Auburn game. Let me just say this: the only time you will catch the Horton's pulling for LSU is when they play against Auburn. I didn't know any better and so I was pulling for Auburn. Wayne asked me if I had lost my mind? That we were suppose to be going for LSU! I'm like, well, you need to make up your mind and let me know ahead of time. Sorry. I was a little confused.

We met up with Tiffany and Addison at ULM this morning around 10:30. The girls had an absolute blast!! I have pictures from their morning, but I haven't posted them. The girls made beaded necklaces, got their faces painted (Alise wanted both cheeks and hands painted, but I only let her get one cheek and one hand), jumped in the SpiderMan jumping house, played pick up ducks and made colored sand houses. We also ran into Ace, the ULM mascot. Addison was scared to death of him and Alise was at first, but the more she watched him, she seemed to be better about it. I asked her if she wanted to get a picture with him and she freaked out. When I suggested we do it together, she was more comfortable about it and I was glad. You can check out our picture with Ace in the right margin. After we left to head over to the pumpkin patch, I told Alise that Ace knew Big Al in Alabama and her face just lit up! She said, "He does?" She talked about Ace all afternoon. She called him "Big Ace." I'm thinking she would do well with a picture with Big Al if someone was with her! Alise and Addison were so sweet at the pumpkin patch. Both of them found wagons and pushed and pulled pumpkins all over the place. But after a while, it go too hot and I knew Alise was getting hungry, so we left and went to McDonald's. The meltdown came while we were standing in line to place our order because both girls started fighting over the one highchair! The ironic thing was that neither one of them ended up using it! They both sat in the swivel chairs and drove me and Tiffany crazy!

After naptime (I didn't take a nap today, believe it or not), Alise and I headed to Spoiled Rotten to pay on her lay-a-way and get a few things off. The whole city of Monroe was in there! Alise had a dirty pull up so we had to go to the Chinese joint next door. She fell in love with the fish pond and wanted to stand there all day and look at them. Needless to say, that was a melt down, too. We had to make a stop at the grocery store for tomorrow's lunch and I still had to vote. Poor Alise. She was tired of running errands and she kept thinking I was saying "boat" when I said "vote." She was disappointed that there was no actual boat to see.

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