Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I know, I know. I'm sorry I haven't blogged in the last few days, but I have excuses. By the way, thanks to everyone for the kind words about the latest pictures.

On Sunday afternoon, Tiffany and I took the girls to the fair in town. They had a blast! But it was SO HOT! It had been a while since we had gotten the girls together and Tiffany and I actually got to visit and talk while the girls rode the rides. I did have to get one of the carneys to stop one of the rides Alise was on (Addison didn't ride this one). It was a race car ride that jerked going around the corners and she wasn't buckeled in very well. Leave it to moma to stop the ride. Oh, well, I'm sure it won't be the last time!

On Monday, at gymnastics, Alise and I spent the majority of the time in the bathroom. Everytime she turned a flip, she decided she had to go potty. Ugh! I absolutely hate public bathrooms and with Alise potty training, it seems that we have visited them all the last few weeks! I think she feels the need to check out every store's bathroom. But, the potty training is going very well. If Alise could just learn to poop in the potty, we'd have it made!

On Tuesday, I had a meeting in Shreveport, so my mom kept Alise all day. They watched movies, worked puzzles, went to McDonald's for lunch and talked to Brooklyn on the phone. I, on the other hand, visited the Board Walk after my meeting was over and picked up a Christmas gift for someone that I am SO excited about!! I went to the Stride Rite store and picked up Alise three pairs of shoes...all on sale! I went to the Fossil store and got me a new purse. I needed something new!

When I took Alise back to school this morning, I had the nasty-gram in her locker about her shots. Marion is getting records together to submit to the state on all the children and Alise is behind on her shots. But I noticed some of the other children had notes in their locker, too, so she wasn't the only one. We had to write an explanation of why our children were behind so she could submit it to the state with the delinquent record. I was like, you have GOT to be kidding. So, all day I dreaded having to pick up Alise and carry her to Shots for Tots at the hospital. This was NOT something I wanted to do today. So I didn't. Ha! I wrote a nice little note to Marion, to the effect of, "I simply have not had time," stuck it on her desk and Alise and I went to Target instead!! And I felt good about it, too. I'm tired of feeling guilty about everything!! It's always something and today I just couldn't let it bother me.

We went to Target and I had my list in my head. I think I only got about two things off the list! Alise insisted on some Curious George "big-girl" panties, much to my disappointment. Why couldn't she get the princess panties instead? Ugh! I got more pull-ups for her to take to school. We ended up finding a Snow White dress up costume like Katie's and she insisted on having it. After I bought it, I felt bad about it because it is getting closer to Christmas and I really don't want to buy her toys this late in the year. So, I have decided to keep it for a Christmas present instead. It's still in the trunk of the car and she hasn't even mentioned it! Speaking of Christmas, I am probably going to get Alise a dry-erase easel and a "color wonder" mat. I saw one at Toys R Us this past weekend that Cinderella and the Prince dance on the lines/design that she draws on the mat. Those will probably be her two big gifts and that's about it. Wayne and I are not going to spend alot of money this year.

I am off this Friday. The big-dog has "graciously" decided to close the accounting department on Friday. I plan to take Alise to school and come back home to get started on some fall cleaning....wash curtains, clean blinds, and clean out the middle bedroom. On Saturday, Amie is coming to keep Baby Girl while I have one last fling to myself before hunting season starts. I still really haven't decided what I am going to do with myself. Finding a hotel room and sleeping all day sounds great to me!

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  1. this would be the best time for my to have my own place--we could just switch houses for the day!