Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I tore up the garbage disposal tonight. There was about three days worth of dirty dishes in the sink. While I was loading the dishwasher, the small glass votive holder that I had soaking in hot water fell down the disposal, and as they say, "that was history." I called Wayne at work and he wasn't too happy. He managed to get some of the bigger pieces out, but for the most part, the votive is now no more. And! The disposal no longer works. Ugh!!

Okay, I'm just gonna go ahead and say it because I've been thinking it and they say that it is just as bad to think it and not say it. I wish we had a rich Uncle somewhere to pay for Alise's school. Can you tell I'm stressing again? When I picked up Alise this afternoon at school (She got mad at me this morning because I told her that I was picking her up today instead of her Nana...), I ran in to Allie's moma. I asked her if Allie was potty training and how it was going. She said that it was going great. I told her we weren't making progress at all. Then she asked me if we had decided where we were going to send Alise next year for pre-K3. I told her we were considering River Oaks and Grace Episcopal. She told me that she visited Grace and Jesus the Good Shepard Catholic school and that she and her husband had decided on JGS. I told her we weren't Catholic and she said that they weren't either and that it was a little more for those students who weren't, but when she first saw the school she said, "This is Allie." She told me the thing she liked most was that their after school program involved more than just doing homework or playing outside. The school offered art and music classes for children who needed after school care. So, I came home tonight and got on the computer and looked up the JES website but the tuition and admission fees were not published. I am sure they are right in line with Grace and River Oaks. I still haven't had time at work to even think about calling the schools and at least going ahead and getting Alise on the list at various ones. But one thing Allie's mother said to me was, "Wouldn't it be great if we could keep the girls together?" It just broke my heart that Alise will eventually have to part with her first real friends. Allie's mother also told me that Lori is planning on sending Emma to a Monesorri School for two years before she starts elementary school at Lexington. I'm not wild about Alise going to a Catholic school and I think the main reason Allie's parents (sorry, but I don't know their names) decided on JES is because they live in town. I always thought that I would put Alise in Grace, but I've been leaning more lately toward River Oaks. I plan to call soon and get her name on the list and tour and visit the school some time in the future.

As of right now, I am winning the bid on the smocked football dress that Mirya sent me to look at earlier in the week. The bid has 40 minutes left. My selling is going well. Right now, I've made a total of $48 on about 5 items, which I thought was pretty good....enough to pay for the smocked dress at the price it is now.

Pray for me. I plan on taking Alise this weekend to find a pair of black patton shoes for church this fall and winter. Her days of wearing sandals are nearly over. And I really dread this whole ordeal because I know before we even get in the car, that she is not going to cooperate. And I'm debating on what size I should get if she does decide not to cooperate. She wears a size 7 now, but I'm thinking with tights and/or socks, she'll need a size 8. I plan on taking her to Avenue Kids to look for shoes there before I have to give in and take her to the mall.

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