Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Ms. Sandy caught me in the kitchen of Alise’s school yesterday and she told me that Alise went to the potty with Allie yesterday (So that’s how girls start that routine of going to the bathroom together!). Allie is pretty much potty trained. She told me that she put Alise on the potty every time Allie went and Alise did her business once in the potty. I was SO proud of her! Then, this morning, she had a dry diaper after she woke up and I had to beg and plead for Alise to go get on the potty and she used the bathroom again!! I know what it is. She’s just too lazy!! She kept belly-aching all morning, “No, Mommie!! I not want to go potty!” I told her if she told Ms. Sandy and Ms. Gloria all day today when she had to go potty, I would get her a prize! She said, “A prize, Moma? You got a prize for me?” I ended up putting a diaper on her to wear to school; I’ve still got the pullups hidden. Then, when we got to school, she said, “I got to go potty, Moma!” and swung open the bathroom door nearly hitting me in the head. She sat on the potty for about five seconds and then got off and said she was done! At least it seems we are on the right track again! I may have to pull those pullups out very soon.

Well, I can see that the city is getting ready for the fair. It looks as though the rides arrived sometime this morning at the Civic Center because they were there when I went out at lunch. I said something to Wayne last night that Tiffany and I were probably going to take the girls. He asked if we would be going in the daytime and I said probably so. I asked him if he wanted to go with us and he said, “No way!” I’m like, “You went last year!” And he said, “Yeah, but that was at night!” I’d much rather go at night because it just seems more like a fair with all the lights and everything. I’m sure wrist-band night or kids’ night will probably be Tuesday night (it normally is) and I don’t think Wayne is going to let me take Alise at night without him. Oh, my goodness! I’m thinking back to this time last year and the first time Alise had cotton candy and rode the carousel and played pick-up-ducks. She was so amazed by all the lights!!

We had Diaper Daredevil gymnastics yesterday. Alise did fabulous when she was actually doing gymnastics and not playing in the playhouse! Ms. SueAnn could not get over how straight her arms were when she was balancing herself on the bar. She said most children can’t do that without bending their arms at her age. She skinned the cat two or three times and then I spotted her a time or two doing a flip on the bar. She jumped all over Blue and even did some straddle rolls, which was something I could never get her to do last year. She was still wild as ever! Wayne came by later and picked us up and we headed to Sam’s because Mirya had told me about some cute outfits they had. Then we went to eat at O’Charley’s and Alise was a little pig! Poor thing must have been starving to death!! I felt so bad!

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