Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Alise ended up getting in bed with us at 3 o’clock this morning. For some reason, she always comes to her daddy’s side of the bed. I’m not sure why…maybe because he sleeps closer to the door than I do. I’d like to think it’s because she sees her daddy as her “protector.” Anyway, she managed to sleep through my shower and hair dryer time, which is something she hasn’t done in quite a while. This morning, when she did start stirring, I said, “Who’s that baby girl in my bed?” She said, “Aneese Anay Horton!” I asked her why she came and got in bed with us and she said, “I had a tiger in my bed!” So off we went to find the tiger that of course, wasn’t there. I think it’s amazing the things she dreams about and what makes her scared.

She was very excited this morning when I reminded her that Nana would be picking her up from school. She asked if Brooklyn was going to be there and looked disappointed when I told her that Brooklyn had already gone back home. Unbeknowest to her, my mom is planning on taking her to the mall to ride the train and the other riding machines and then take her to McDonald’s to eat. She will have a blast!

Alise is talking up a storm and is saying some of the craziest things!! This morning on the way to school, she started talking about Uncle Steve and that “he has a fish.” I don’t know where that came from! Usually on the way to school, we play the name game. I’m trying to teach her my name, her daddy’s name and just general people that we know. For instance, I’ll say, “Who is your gymnastics teacher?” and she says, “Ms. SueAnn!” I’ll say, “Who has a swimming pool at her house?” and she’ll say, “Ms. Paula!” but teaching her mine and Wayne’s names has been a challenge! She keeps wanting to call me, “Aneese Anay Horton.” And what is really strange is how she is beginning to pick up on moods. She asked me about three times this morning, “Mommie, are you sad?” She’s asked me before if I am sick and if my tummy hurts. Too funny! Where does she get this stuff?

I found out this morning, that our friend Madison will be having her birthday party at the skating rink. I REALLY dread this!! I REALLY don’t want to hafta do the whole skating thing, but Madison was so disappointed last year when Alise and I didn’t come to her party (I think we were in Alabama at the ULM game). So, needless to say, I think we’ll be doing it. I told Linda (Madison’s MiMi) this morning that I bet they didn’t have skates for babies and she informed me that yes, they did. They are the kinds that just fit on over their shoes. Oh joy!! This should be an experience! I told Linda that I refuse to put on skates. She said that I would have a pair on before the party was over! We’ll see. I’ll “try” to remember to take the camera!

My friend Misty from Houston is having a baby shower in Jackson, Mississippi in October. She is due in December. I plan on taking Alise with me to the shower so that I can show her off and I’m hoping that Wayne will chauffer us there. I’m really anxious about taking Alise simply because I remember what Mirya had to say about taking Katie to a baby shower a few months ago. I’m hoping that if I threaten Alise with her life that she will be on her best behavior. I am dying for her to wear her new fall smocked pumpkin dress! I am really excited about the Strausburg dress that I got “Miss Claire” (I hope Misty’s not reading this! But, Leigh, if you are, it is just like the dress that Colleen Wheeler use to wear all the time to church that we went gah-gah over….ya know which one I’m talking about?). Misty and Brian got Alise a Strausburg dress when they came to visit us about two months after she was born and it was the dress that we had her dedicated in, so I wanted to get them something extra special, too. I got it at the outlet mall in Bessmer, Alabama.

Speaking of smocked dresses, I think Mirya may have found me a dress on Ebay similar to Katelyn Prior’s (that I mentioned in Sunday’s blog). I don’t know how she finds these things so easily, but right now, I am winning the bid. I put a maximum bid in and that’s as far as I’ll go. I am also doing well with my own selling items. Right now, about half of the items are sold and I still have 5 days left on the bid. I get a kick out of watching to see how well they are doing. Ebay can be very addictive! Anyway, I am hoping to have enough money from my winnings to pay for the football dress.

I have a question. Does anyone know if you can use “paypal money” to buy itunes to download to your ipod?! I am really curious about this. I never thought I would say this, but I am just about all “smocked out” and I really want to put some music on my ipod. If this is not allowable, then my complaint will be that it should be!

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