Thursday, September 20, 2007

Thursday, September 20, 2007

I counted them. All 34. I can remember that number because that's how old I am. In the thirty minute drive it took for me to get Alise to school this morning, Alise said the word, "moma" 34 times! That's more than one "moma" a minute. That's like, "Moma! Mo-!" Do you understand my frustration? If I had a dollar for each of those 34 times, I could buy a pedicure and a manicure! I could buy a movie and lunch! I could...

Alise is doing so good with the whole potty training thing. She used the bathroom twice this morning at home before we left the house and then pooped when we got to school. Sandy wasn't there today, so I had to tell Ms. Marilyn all the excitement. When I picked her up this afternoon, she told me that Alise did so well with the whole potty thing. She did good tonight, too. We only had one accident. She ended up seeing the Belle doll I had bought her on Sunday when I was at Target for a prize and begged and pleaded for me to give it to her tonight before bedtime. I was hoping to save it as a really big prize later, but like I said, she spied it and just had to have it. I made her promise (like she knows what that is!) that she would tell me, Sandy, Gloria, Nana and everybody else under the sun when she had to go potty and that there would be no more accidents. She said, "I promise, Mommie!"

Alise and I stayed outside for a while tonight riding around in her pink car and picking up "big" rocks in the church parking lot. She was pulling her wagon and accidently stepped off on the cuvert beside the driveway and ditch. I just knew she had busted her mouth wide open, but all she ended up with was a bad knee scrape. Of course, we had to have a band-aid.

I called Tiffany tonight to tell her that I needed to go to a baby shower on Saturday morning and that we could take the girls to the Fair Saturday or Sunday afternoon. I just feel like Alise and I needed to attend Jill's (Steve's daughter and Donna's step-daughter)baby shower on Saturday. Steve's family has been so good to us that I just feel like we need to go. Besides, I got the sweetest gift for Baby Ella today and also the sweetest gift from Alise from Spoiled Rotten. As much as I'm in that place, i just need to buy stock!!

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