Thursday, September 13, 2007

Thursday, September 14, 2007

I called River Oaks this morning and was told to call back in January to get Alise’s name on the waiting list. I called Grace Episcopal and was told to call back in October. I called Jesus the Good Shepard school and they are sending me an application and material in the mail. Once I read over everything and complete the application, I can come by the school for a tour and meet the principal ( I almost wish there was some way that I could send Alise to school maybe just three days a week for the first year since she is so young, but then what would I do for the other two days? River Oaks has a half day program; Good Shepard has MWF classes, and I’m not sure about Grace. Ugh!! Decisions, decisions. But it just breaks my heart that Alise may not get to stay with her friends. Do you know what she told me this morning? She told me, “Allie is my best friend.” That’s the first time she ever said that; I didn’t even know she knew what a best friend was!! I told her, “Alise, that is so sweet!” And then, I had two bananas left over and I put one in Alise’s lunch and she made me put the other one in her lunch box, too, “for Allie” she said. It just kills me!!! They have really gotten attached!

I told you Alise has been saying some pretty crazy things lately. On the way to school this morning, she said, “I saw my Grandma.” I asked her, “Where did you see your Grandma?” “Over there” and she pointed to a street. Then she said, “My Nana took me there.” It was a street that I knew Nana nor Grandma had never taken her!

She got in bed with us again this morning around 2:00. I told Wayne this morning that I am scared this is becoming a habit. I’m not sure if she’s waking up scared or just waking up. She doesn’t act scared; most of the time we don’t even know that she’s come into our room (which can be scary!). But at 2:00 in the morning, you are so asleep and want to go back to sleep so bad that it’s not worth the headache of making her get back in her bed and then listening to her cry for an hour until she goes back to sleep. We’ve got to do something, though. Wayne had a thought about maybe we should stop giving her chocolate milk at bedtime…maybe the caffeine was making her not sleep well. Oh my goodness, but if we give her white milk, she’s gonna flip out!! Oh, well! The joys of parenthood!

Alise refuses to be potty trained. I have hidden all the pull-ups and we are officially back in diapers. She thought it was the neatest thing to wear big girl panties (pull-ups) and pee and poop in them. She won’t go to the potty anymore. Last night I put a pair of real Mermaid panties on her and I kept bugging the mess out of her about going to the potty. “Alise, do you have to go potty?” I bet I asked her that about fifty times! Then, shortly after the fiftieth time, she tee-tee’ed on the floor!! I was ready to kill her! So that’s when I decided no more panties, no more pull-ups…back in diapers she goes! When even watched a movie I borrowed from the library last night about baby bear wearing “big boy underpants.” She still didn’t get it. But I felt so sorry for her last night because she couldn’t sit down in the bathtub because her bottom was so red and blistered. It was tragic trying to wash her hair with her standing up in the bathtub!! So I called Dr. Stanley and requested another round of nystatin ointment. Sometimes I wonder if, in the two year old room, they have designated changing times and unless the child is noticeably dirty, they only get changed at those certain times. Well, Alise drinks a lot and she goes to the bathroom a lot and personally, I think they should change her more. But we had episodes like this in the one year old room too, so maybe not. There was a time when Marion and her teachers thought that it may be the juice that they serve being too acidic and so I’ve been putting water in her lunch for a while now….trying to get a way from all the juice.

I won the bid for the maroon smocked football dress on Ebay last night! I got it for $36. Wayne really liked it. I asked Alise if she was going to wear her cheerleader outfit tomorrow to school and she said “no.” I couldn’t believe it! She might change her mind, though. I need to leave a note for Alyssa in Mallory’s locker to tell her to let me know when Mallory will wear hers so I can take my camera to school and get a picture of them both….one LSU…one Alabama! Roll tide!

Once again, we don’t have any plans for the weekend. Wayne needs to work on the house next door. Alise and I are going shoe shopping and to return some overdue books at the library. I plan to cook a crockpot full of smothered deer steak Saturday night and watch the Alabama game (By the way, Alise thought her parents had gone crazy last weekend when we were whooping and hollering at the TV!).

Oh! And check out the new line at Gymboree! The new line has got the Scottish doggies on it in pinks, greens, and browns! To cute!!

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