Tuesday, September 04, 2007

September 4, 2007

Ahh...! I'm bloggin' on my new laptop! It's wonderful! AND!...IT'S FAST!!!

I won't blog long tonight simply because I have got an extrememly bad headache and I want to try and get in the bed early tonight to make up for all the sleep I lost this past weekend. But to find out about our weekend and to see pics from the game, log on to Mirya's website at www.themasonbunch.blogspot.com.

I missed Baby Girl this weekend and I was worried that she was getting sick on us again, but it all ended well and she was fine. She hardly wanted to talk to us when we did call to check on her. I love the fact that Aunt Donna and Uncle Steve had to learn the hard way that Alise is a rather rough sleeper. We told you!!

Cousin Brooklyn is back!!! Alise got to visit with her on Monday and we're planning on going back to Nana & Papaw's on Thursday night for supper and to see her again. I'm sure we'll see her again Friday night as well and possibly again on Saturday.

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  1. tell wayne i'll trade babysitting for a laptop :)