Saturday, September 15, 2007

Saturday, September 15, 2007

I nearly way-laid the shoe sales lady this morning at a local children's boutique! I took Alise to a local children's shop to find church shoes (of all things)! I knew I was going to have problems when I asked her if I could see a pair of black patton mary janes in size 8 and she said, "Well, let me measure her foot first." Excuse me? Does she not believe that I personally know what size shoe my daughter wears? Next, she preceeds to tell me that Alise's foot is measuring 6 and a half. Do what? I told her, "The sandals she has on right now are 7 and a half!" The whole time, Alise is hollering, "Mommie, I want to go play! I want to go play!" On top of all this, when the lady comes back, she brings this baby-looking pair of shoes out in white because (as I would find out much later) they didn't have a patton shoe in her size (I bet they only had a total of ten pairs of shoes in the store because every shoe I chose for Alise to try on, they didn't have in her size)!! The sales lady asked me if I liked the baby style shoes. I explained to her (rather nicely) that Alise and I were "mary jane girls." Then, she had the audacity to tell me, "Well, good luck with finding a mary jane that will fit her wide foot!" I was shocked! If Alise hadn't carted my 25 pound purse off, I would have hit her with it!! I ended up telling her to order me two pairs of Willette brand shoes in red and navy (not what I actually came in the store for...) in a size 8. She asked me, "Are you sure you don't want to get a size 7 and a half?" I said, "Well, I want them to be big enough so that she can make it through the entire fall and winter with them." She said, "Well, that's nearly impossible to do. You want to be sure the shoes fits when she wears them." I said, "Well, maybe I need to go to a Stride-Rite store because they actually lasted all last fall and winter." She said, "I'll order the shoes in a size 8." I was ready to run out of that store until.....until I found the leapord coat. I nearly died! It was so precious and Alise looked absolutely adorable in it! I actually got her to try it on! She went to the tri-mirror and smiled really big. The owner of the store was giving her special attention for trying the coat on and she was eating it up! Pray for a cold winter, because I ended up putting the coat on lay-a-way. It is so precious!

As I was checking out, Alise announced to the entire store that she had a "poopy diaper." I had promised her if she was good, that we would go to the park since the day was so gorgeous and the temperature just right! I changed her in the parking lot of the park and off we went to swing and slide for the next hour. She wore her pink sunglasses the entire time, and once again, I wished that I had a tiny camera so that I could take her picture.

Before the whole shoe store incident, Wayne met me at Martha's Unfinished Furniture down on Antique Alley. I wanted to look for Alise a bookcase for Christmas in the shape of a house. I had seen them there before, but the sales lady told me that they no longer carry them. Ugh! Since Wayne is so busy with the house next door, he doesn't have time to make her one. I guess it looks like I'll have to get one at Target instead.

I forgot to mention yesterday that one of the outfits I ordered from CWD Kids, came in yesterday and it is so cute and colorful. I was really impressed with the quality. I think I would definitly otder from them again.

Aunt Donna & Uncle Steve came by and mowed our yard for us. It was knee high and was definitly in need of the skag mower! Tomorrow we'll move Alise's slide and playset back in the yard and hopefully she'll get to spend some time tomorrow afternoon playing outside. She and Aunt donna played with the sand table for a while this afternoon, but Alise was acting like such a little toot because she had not had a nap all day. Oh yes! What joy we had this afternoon! You can imagine!

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