Saturday, September 22, 2007

Jill's Baby Shower for Baby Ella

Alise acted pretty good today at Jill's shower. She was MUCH more interested in watching the two dogs outside from the sliding glass door than watching Jill open her gifts. And when another little boy actually got to go outside with the dogs, well, that was when the meltdown started. Of course, I wanted to see what Jill got, so I eventually left Alise in the kitchen watching the dogs while I sat in the living room. She made a new friend and she would come running into the living room to "check on me." When Jill opened the gift from the three of us, I told Alise to go get "her" gift for Baby Ella. She walked straight to it, picked it up, and took it to Jill. So sweet! I wasn't expecting her to help Jill open it, but it was so cute after she did finish opening it, looked at the gift with an expression on her face that said, "what's that?" I thought it was very appropriate that Alise give Baby Ella her very own pacifier holder so that Juicy wouldn't be after her pacifier!! We got to visit with Aunt Donna, Grandma Ruth, Ms. Manning, Jess, and Ms. Gay.

After, the shower, Alise and I went home, ate a sandwich, and took a nap. I tried to call Tiffany, but she didn't answer her phone. I guess it was a good thing because it ended up sprinkling later in the afternoon. So, I decided to take Alise to Toys R Us to pick out a "prize." She used the potty nearly every time she had to go to the bathroom today (She even used the potty at the Shower! I was so proud of her!) and we only had two accidents. I'm hoping the potty training will be nearing an end this time next week. Well, against my own selfishness, we ended up staying in Toys R Us for an hour and a half! Alise touched everything in the store! What was even worse, the store was in the process of remodeling and we couldn't find a lot of things. Against my better judgement, I ended up getting Alise some princess makeup. But I hid the fingernail polish and glitter lip stick. I did let her have the eye shadow and lipstick. You should have seen her eyes tonight! She looked like she had two black eyes! Wayne came home and asked, "What's wrong with her?" When I mentioned to Alise about getting makeup, I was referring to the fake kind, but would you believe I couldn't find any? All of it was real. Imagine that? I had cleaned out an old lipstick tube a few weeks ago and you would have thought I gave Alise the moon! She carries that tube of lipstick everywhere!

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