Friday, September 14, 2007

Friday, September 14, 2007

Alise and I had “the talk” this morning on the way to school. She was sitting in her car seat and I was driving down the road and she said, “My Daddy spanked me in my bed, Mommie!” Her tone was like, can you believe that? First of all, let me explain what happened last night. She woke up at 1:43 this morning and wanted to get in our bed. Well, it was my turn “to deal” so I went and got her, we got a milk sippy, I put another diaper on her (because for some reason her diaper had come off while she was standing in the hall…) and we went back to her room. I talked to her for a few minutes and then I told her that I was leaving to go back to my bed. That was it! She wigged out and for the next thirty minutes, we had to put up with her getting out of her bed and coming to our door, screaming, crying, kicking and whatever else she did. After a while, Wayne had had enough and he went to the kitchen and got “the spoon” and patted her on the backside a few times and told her to quit crying. She cried a little while longer and finally went back to sleep. The Horton house was again quiet. So, this morning, Alise told me that her Daddy spanked her and I told her that Mommie and Daddy and Ms. Gloria and Ms. Sandy were the boss and she had to do what we said; she had to mind us. And when she didn’t, she was going to get a spanking for being ugly. When she was a sweet girl, she would get surprises (not all the time of course, but she hasn’t figured that part out yet!). So I asked her, “Do you think you were a good girl last night when Daddy spanked you?” She looked at me for a few seconds and said, “I be sweet!” I said, “Well, you weren’t sweet last night and that’s why you got a spanking.” I think she got the message!

I worry when Wayne disciplines Alise. Not that I don’t want him disciplining her, because I do, and frankly, I wish he did more of it. But what I am trying to say is that he always tells her, “Quit crying or stop crying” (rather harshly) and it just seems to be the way he says it because I worry that Alise will grow up thinking that she can never cry or that it’s a bad thing to cry. Now, this is coming from her mother, who cries at EVERYTHING!! And it looks like for right now, Alise has inherited that trait, but I don’t want her to grow up thinking that it is a bad thing to cry because it’s not. I love it when Wayne asks her, “Do you hear me? Say “yes sir”!” and she says “Yes, sir” with her lips poked out. It kills me!

I heard on the radio this morning that our local Girl Scouts is having a free shin-dig at the zoo tomorrow. Miss Louisiana is suppose to be there and I thought about taking Alise. She would love to see her crown…I know she would think that she was Cinderella or one of the other princesses. It just wasn’t in my plan to spend two to three hours at the zoo and I really wanted to take her for the Celtic Festival in a few weeks when it is at the zoo. I think the weather is suppose to be nice tomorrow. I don’t know. Wayne and I will talk about it and decide. I have also noticed that the Civic Center is getting out the ticket booths for the fair. It should be here in a few weeks. Tiffany and I have talked about taking Addison and Alise together.

Alise wore her Alabama cheerleader outfit to school again today. It is becoming a “Friday ritual” at our house. Our newest thing this week at school is when I drop Alise off in the mornings and kiss her good-bye, I tell her to go stand by the window and wave bye to me. Her room has got a huge picture window that the kids love to look out of – mostly in the afternoons to see their parents pick them up – because it looks out to the parking lot and to the passing cars, dog walkers, joggers, etc. So for about the last three mornings, Alise and I (mostly me) have looked retarded blowing and catching kisses to each other! This morning it took me a while to get her attention because she was looking in another direction. I kept hollering at her, “Alise! Alise!” but she was blowing kisses to Ms. Mary – her old teacher – who was coming up behind me and I just couldn’t see her. I was extremely embarrassed, but Ms. Mary had a great laugh.

We did the Horton Family Night Ritual tonight. Wayne had been craving Mexican food all week, so we picked up Chic-fil-a for Alise and headed to El Chico's. Alise was good all night and I told her that we could go to Target and get a toy or she could have a cookie. She opted for the cookie, because she knew what it meant to "go to Target." The sugar must have went to her head because while Wayne was getting a haircut, we went to Payless Shoes and she wigged out....running up and down the aisles hiding from me screaming and shouting, "Surprise, Momma! I see you! Come find me Momma!" Ugh!! I don't know if I want to take her shoe shopping or not tomorrow!

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