Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

I am seriously considering ordering this off Ebay for Alise's Christmas dress. The only drawback is that I emailed the seller about the sleeves...whether they were short or long. She emailed me back that they are short sleeves but that she would be posting some long sleeved dresses similiar to this one in a few weeks. I know, I know. I made those comments about the Santa dresses and wearing them to church. Well, I've eaten my words before so I am sure I can eat them again. But the nativity dresses just aren't as nice this year and for some reason, I am set on Alise having a red Christmas dress this year. I really like this one and the price is reasonable. My mom advised that I get it big enough so that if she takes a growing spurt, she can still wear it in time for Christmas.

Last night, Alise and I went to Nana & Papaw's for a while. I got my mom to cut Alise's bangs. Today, I left work early to get my hair cut and highlighted (Yes, I'm blonde again....)and when Alise saw me, she said, "Mommie got hair cut?" It was so sweet that she noticed! Then, on the way home, she asked me, "Nana cut your bangs?" I laughed! It was too funny!

Cousin Brooklyn is coming to town! Mom and dad are leaving next Thursday to pick her up in Star City and bring her back to Monroe. My mom has offered to keep her and Alise that Saturday, so I've started my fall housekeeping list of things I need to do. Mom wants to have their picture made together, so we'll probably do that at Olan Mills that Saturday morning while everyone is in a good mood!

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