Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I just made our reservations for the Melting Pot for Sunday night. I'm so excited about that! The caller asked me if we were celebrating anything special. At first, I said, no, but then I said, "Ya know what? This is a late anniversary dinner, so yes, it is special!" If you remember, we were suppose to eat at the Melting Pot in Memphis in April and Alise changed all that.

I have started packing Alise's clothes, making lists of her schedule, doctor's name and number, cell phone numbers, etc., as well as other things that I need to remember to pack. Alise wanted to talk to her Aunt Donna last night on the phone and Donna told her that she might have Juicy one night, so Alise is excited about that (although I think Juicy is ALOT more wilder than Lola!)! Tomorrow night, I plan to go to the grocery store to pick up snacks and things for Alise to eat while at Donna's this weekend. I plan to go to Thurman's tomorrow and pick up a small casserole for Amie and Alise to eat Friday night. I had thought about making one myself, but there just isn't enough time to get all that done. I looked for my "Got Nick?" shirt tonight and I haven't been able to find it yet. I AM READY TO GO!!!!!

I think I may be getting a sinus infection and Alise is coughing alot, too. I started sneezing my head off today and right now, I've got a slight headache over my left eye. I can feel the drainage in my throat. Ugh! What else could possibly go wrong?

I'm not sure if I told you or not, but one day last week, I met Alyssa bringing in Mallory to school. I asked, "Mallory? Do you still have your LSU cheerleading outfit?" Mallory didn't say anything and Alyssa said, "We sure do!" I told them that I had gotten Alise an Alabama cheerleading outfit and Mallory smiled and Alyssa said, "Does she have it on today?" We got to talking about how hot the material was and Alyssa said that they normally stick to the LSU t-shirts and jersies to school. Anyway, tomorrow, I am "letting" Alise wear her Alabama t-shirt that her Daddy bought her that says, "Alabama Girls Rule...Tiger girls drool!" (Alise doesn't wear t-shirts and shorts to school.) I hope Matt and Alyssa get to see it on her tomorrow! Too funny! Of course, you KNOW LSU plays tomorrow night on ESPN!!! So, on Friday, I'm hoping Alise will agree to wear her Alabama cheerleader outfit to school for the first time! I can't wait!!

The smocked Santa dress and the red courderoy jumper that I got Alise off Ebay came in today! Oh, my goodness! They are both TOO cute! I can't wait for her to put her Christmas dress on! As far as the jumper, all I need to get is a Peter Pan collar shirt and tights and the outfit will be complete! Too cute!! Alise has never had anything monogrammed (simply because I just haven't gotten into that yet or found the perfect dress for it...), so the jumper will be her first dress with an "A" on it.

I can't get over how much Alise is learning these days. Tonight, we were watching a video about Elmo going to the doctor, and I asked Alise, "What is your doctor's name?" and she said, "Dr. Stanley." I was shocked! I nearly fell out of the chair! She can say all her ABC's, count to eleven, sing ALL kinds of songs, knows how to turn movies on the DVD player, recognizes the letter "A" and knows that it is in her name, knows her complete name...."Neese 'Anay Hoten." Right now I am teaching her my name and Wayne's name, and her colors. For some reason, everything is still "red."

I am beginning to stress about where to send Alise for pre-K3 next year. I plan to call next week after Labor Day and go ahead and get her name on the list at Grace Episcopal School and River Oaks. Tuition for one year is over $5,000 for both schools. At Grace, they are required to wear uniforms. I had always assumed that Alise would go to Grace simply because it was closer to my work and some of her friends that go to Grace Yellow House with her now might move up and go to the bigger school, too. However, lately, I've been talking to a friend whose TWO children go to River Oaks and she said that her son is in Pre-K3 this year and he only has ten children in his class. I like the smaller class sizes. She told me that River Oaks is very family-oriented and that Grace only goes through the 8th grade and you have to go through all the hoopla with loosing friends, yada, yada, yada. So, I don't know. Our local public school does not offer Pre-K3 or Pre-K4 and I have heard that the public schools that do, mostly cater to those kids that really need it; the children are tested for admittance. It's crazy. The whole educational system and public versus private is just absolutely crazy!

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