Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Nick Sabin will have to play his first home football game as Alabama's head football coach without me. I have officially decided that I am not going to Alabama's season opener against West Carolina on Labor Day weekend. The Tide must roll on with out me!

Alise locked me out of our bedroom this morning. I guess you could say that she was kinda smart about the whole thing, because I was well on my way to the bedroom to grab "the spoon" when I realized that, yes, the door was really locked. It was a good thing that I was already dressed and ready to go to work. Unfortunately, for her, she wasn't...or well, she was until she decided to start stripping her clothes off and ripping her pig tails out of her hair. That's why I went running for "the spoon"...she was undoing what had already been done! Ugh!! I still spanked her, with my hand, of course, but you know that went over real well.

Amy did me a favor this afternoon and picked Alise up from school while I went to a meeting in Ruston. Wayne was suppose to be home early, but someone got sick on another route today and he didn't get home until 9:45...that is, after he had a flat on the car, too. As I type this, the "hoopty" is parked at the Catholic Church. I hope no one vandalizes it or breaks into it!

Let me share this with you....I REALLY needed to hear this. Yesterday, I called Marion, the director of Alise's school, to let her know that Amy would be picking Alise up today (By the way, Amy says that the teachers did not even ask to see her i.d., which really unrattles me, but Amy has picked up other kids there before...) since she wasn't on Alise's records as a "picker-upper." Anyway, Marion and I began talking about Alise and she was telling me what a sweet and well mannered child she was. She said that she always uses Alise as an example (to whom, I'm not really sure...) because of the discipline she gets at home and that some of the other children in Alise's class do not get that same kind of discipline. She did mention that Alise was a "strong-willed" child and I wasn't quite sure how to take that, but it put a smile on my face to know that YES! I really am doing something right!!! I felt like I had just won the "Mother of the Year" award!!

I got Alise the smocked Santa dress off Ebay that I posted a few weeks ago on the blog. I used some of my "stash" from the sales I made this weekend and I even got a better deal on it than I thought! I still had money left over!! The seller has a store and we have been emailing and corresponding off and on for two weeks because she had another style coming in. She sent me pictures and I decided that I liked the red and white gingham smocked Santa dress better and do you know what she did? She saved the 2T for me before she put it out to bid so that I could have first option! Thanks, Joan! That was so sweet! If you're looking for the cutest smocked dresses, please look at "snowbunny"'s store. I've bookmarked her store as a favorite! I can't wait to get the dress!


  1. ROLL TIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!9:37 PM

    Please show a little respect for the coach , it is Saban not Sabin. Note he is on the cover of Sports Illustrated this week, you might want to get a copy.