Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Well, she did it!! Alise slept in her new bed through the night last night. I was so proud of her this morning! She got up talking about it, “I slept in my big girl bed! All night!” Even Wayne and I were shocked. The first thing we said to each other this morning was, “Can you believe it?” What a feat!

I have begun painting Alise’s doll cradle. Can you believe I’ve had this thing for nearly a year and I’m still not finished with it yet? I finally got Wayne to put the last coat of paint on it this past weekend. Today, I’ve got light green paint on my hands because I painted one of the ends last night….just certain parts. I’m painting pink, lavender and green with a tiny paint brush. I haven’t found the bedding for it yet, but Alise is SO excited about it. She went with me yesterday afternoon to pick out the paint and that’s all she said last night was that she “wanted to paint, Mommie! Want to paint!”

When I picked up Alise from school yesterday, I got to meet all her new little friends. They all came running up to me. Grace actually had on Alise’s hot pink crocs. Ms. Beverly said that all the little girls like to wear each other’s shoes. I really wish they wouldn’t let them do that! Anyway, Grace is a new friend and so is Callie. Emma was in the new two year old room. I think her birthday is this weekend. The only one I’m not sure about (moving up) is Alise’s old friend, Allie Grace. I think she has a birthday this month, too.

Alise and I are battling out again over the whole sundress issue. She refuses to wear them and it just kills me! So, I decided to fold them up and put them in a drawer to box up later. However, I did get her back this morning because I made her wear her smocked watermelon dress to school. It’s not that Alise doesn’t like to wear dresses, I just think they tend to get in the way of her playing. She is perfectly content in a t-shirt and shorts, but I so want her to look like a little girl! We’ve also been going through, the “keep-your-ponytail-in” phase, too. She’s back to pulling her holders out. I hardly ever let her wear bows to school anymore because they either get dirty on the playground or lost. There’s just too much money tied up in those bows!! So we usually save them for the weekend and church.

Wayne is insisting that I go to the Alabama v. West Carolina game. You’ll never believe what we watched on TV last night! The 2006 match up between LSU and Alabama!! We watched the first half and said we watch the second half tonight. We’re crazy! We’re just ready for some Alabama football! Wayne says he is more than me because at least he’s going to the game on September 1st. I argue that I am just as much ready for Bama football because I just spend $28 on my daughter a cheerleading outfit!

Cousin Brooklyn is coming on Thursday. I think she’ll be here through Sunday. Moma has made an appointment with Olan Mills on Saturday at 10:30 to get the girls’ picture made. I keep asking Alise who is coming to Nana & Papaw’s this weekend and she says, “Brook-in.” Too cute! Moma is going to keep the girls Thursday afternoon and I have the whole afternoon free to myself. I can’t decide if I should stay home and clean out the middle bedroom or run some errands? Errands mean money, so I’ll probably stay home. Speaking of money, we did not eat out a single time this weekend! That’s news for us because we at least eat out once. But I cooked all weekend.

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