Thursday, August 09, 2007

Thursday, August 9, 2007

I took these pictures yesterday. The first one was yesterday morning before we left to go to school. Alise looked so cute in her white skirt, pink blouse and pig tails. Of course, we had a melt down after the picture session because she couldn't understand why she couldn't take her stroller to school! The middle picture was taken soon after we got home. Normally, the first thing Alise and I do in the evenings when we get home is she strips down to her diaper and I usually put some lounging clothes on. While I was changing clothes yesterday, she slipped on my shoes and I thought she looked so cute! Now I have a picture of her in her daddy's shoes and mine! I don't feel left out anymore! The last picture....I know what you're thinking! What is that?! Well, it's baby powder. I was changing Alise and she dropped the powder on her stomach and needless to say, it flew all over her face. She and I both had a good laugh about it. I ran and got the camera and then I spent the rest of the night showing her the picture over and over again so she could laugh some more.

We are headed to a luau tomorrow night for the college kids at our church. It's at my parents' neighbors house, so I'm sure Alise will want to check on her Nana & Papaw. Alise's little friend Josie is going to be there, so I am going to try and stop by the party supply store on the way home and pick up the girls some lays (I'm not sure if that's the correct spelling, but you know what I mean...). I'm hoping she'll stay in a good mood long enough to see and visit everybody! I'll try to remember to take the camera and get some pics. Other than that, we don't have major plans for the weekend....mostly just stay inside and keep cool. I'm sure Wayne will be working on the house next door (I think he is going to try to lay the tile this weekend! Yeah!). Alise is absolutely dying to go to the park, but I just can't take her in this heat. As soon as it cools off, I plan to take her all the time because she loves it so! We need to go the library and return an Angelina Ballerina DVD and I need to get a book renewed, so we'll probably head over there at some point. I would also like Wayne to go with me back to the crafter's mall where I got the Alabama girl and boy because one of the booths, a lady does Christmas cards....the kind you put outside with a light. I've been wanting one for years and she had the pretties nativity scene card in a window. I want Wayne to see it before I ask her to do us one.

Emma is moving up to the two year old room on Monday. I saw Lori, Emma's mother, at school one morning and I asked her about it. Since then, I've been trying to talk it up with Alise about her old friend rejoining her next week. One of her other little friends, Allie, has been out sick, but came back to school on Tuesday. She had been out since last Thursday with a fever and after tests, the doctors couldn't figure out what was wrong. Her fever finally broke on Monday. Alise always looks for her friends when I drop her off in the mornings.

My new favorite thing is Febreeze Effects in the "apple spice & delight" fragrance. I'm not a real big air-freshner kinda girl, but I am in love with this! It smells very "fally." Makes me want to get out the pumpkins and start looking for Halloween outfits! Which, by the way, I have already started doing! I think Alise might be an Alabama cheerleader for this Halloween. Ya know...nothing too drastic after what happened last year!! First of all, at this point, she's really not in to the dressing up. Second of all, I've got my eye on a 3T cheerleader outfit on Ebay right now and its only $14.99. What a bargain since they cost over $50 in the store!

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