Thursday, August 23, 2007

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Check out the new fall line at Gymboree online. I’m not quite sure whether or not I like this line or not, but “Gym Bucks” are going on right now. I received my new Hanna Anderson catalog in the mail yesterday and there are some really cute Halloween shirts in there. You can check them out online, too.

I have spent all my stash from my Ebay sales last weekend. Last night I won another bid on a red jumper dress with the letter “A” monogrammed in white. I told you earlier about the Christmas smocked dress that will be coming from Alaska (can you believe it?). I am anxious to go through Alise’s older clothes this weekend to find some more “treasures” to list on Ebay. Of course, I am keeping the special things. If and when Wayne and I decide to have another baby, it will probably be a boy. Unfortunately, for Wayne, that means: start over. If it’s a girl, the styles will have changed by then and it will be time to buy new stuff. Fortunately for us, there is no new baby planned any time soon. I have really been disappointed in the stores for the fall season. I can never find anything at Belk anymore; Dillard’s sizes 2T’s look like 7 and 8 year old clothes…where’s all the cute stuff? I nearly have my lay-a-way paid off at Spoiled Rotten…just in time to get the cute smocked pumpkin dress off in time for fall. I love stores that have lay-a-way!!

I hear that there is some disappointment that I will not be going to Alabama next week. Trust me. I hear it every night from Wayne! I’m just not thrilled about having Alise dragged from one person to the next—although I do appreciate the offers—while I am so far away from home. My mom will be keeping Brooklyn that week and so I don’t want to burden her with the extra granddaughter. Alise and I will just make a “girl’s weekend” out of it and also attend my Grandmother’s 80th (or is it 90th?) birthday party that Saturday in Oak Grove. I am sure that mom and I will take the girls swimming in “Ms. Paula’s pool” and we might even spend the night at my parent’s….do something special.

Much to my disappointment, Alise has started this week with the “back talking” and “arguing.” I must say that it is my pet peeve! When I tell her something she say, “Uh-huh” (as in “no”) or even says the word “no” back to me over and over again until I just ignore her (in the car…her favorite time to do it because she knows I really can’t do anything about it). When I tell her to quit arguing with me, she just looks at me because she has no idea what the word “arguing” means. I have grabbed her cheeks and held her chin rather snuggly and told her, “You don’t talk to Momma that way.” She still just looks at me. My mother tells me that I am “being paid back for my upbringing.” Whatever that means! The potty-ing isn’t going that well, either. I talked to her teacher, Ms. Gloria, yesterday and she said that she didn’t think Alise was ready. Ha! Try telling Alise that she doesn’t need to keep potty-ing in her pull-ups! You can tell her all day long, “Alise, don’t tee-tee on Cinderella (the design on her pullups)” and she’ll just look at you and do it anyway. I can’t remember the last time she actually potty-ed at the house. She thinks being a “big girl” is wearing pullups and still using the bathroom in them!

Alise’s little friend, Claudia-Kate, is going to a specialist in Jackson on Tuesday for her ears. It seems that Dr. Mickey thinks that the doctor there may be more helpful because of newer and more advanced equipment. But Claudia-Kate has gotten another ear infection, even after her hospitalization stay from a staph infection and another set of buttons. Allie, Alise’s friend from school, was not a happy camper this morning. Usually, Allie is already there when I drop Alise off in the mornings, but her dad dropped her off at the same time as me today. I felt so sorry for Allie’s dad. She was throwing a fit! Just like Alise does from time to time. Her dad said, “Com’on, Allie! Look! There’s Alise!” If he only knew how many times I had to say to Alise, “Look, there’s Allie!” Ugh!! Now, for a funny story about one of Alise’s friends that had her really belly laughing yesterday afternoon….J’Kai (who they call “Kigh”) came up to me yesterday while I was waiting for Alise to come towards me and literally lifted my shirt up. Not high, but high enough to see my stomach. (The whole time I’m thinking, have I gotten so fat that maybe he thinks I have a baby in my tummy?) Now, this is a tiny little two year old boy doing this. I said, “Ew! Kigh!” Alise just fell out laughing. She thought that was the most funniest thing in the world. So all the way home yesterday, Alise and I joked around that J’Kai wanted some “belly sugar” from Moma. She would still laugh everytime I said it. It was just so funny to hear that kind of belly laugh from her.

Last night, after supper and Alise’s bath, we followed Wayne up to the Catholic Church to see about “the hoopty.” Believe it or not, it was still there. Wayne grabbed his electric whatever-that-thing-is and had the flat tire off in no time! As Alise and I were following Wayne home with the spare on the green car, I told Alise, “Tell Daddy when we get home that Daddy has a do-nut on his car.” “Do-nut?” she said. It was so funny to see her expression. So when we pulled in the drive way and got out, Alise said, “Daddy, ew got a do-nut on ew car!” Wayne wasn’t expecting it and we both had a good laugh. Alise is definitely talking non-stop these days!!

I noticed in Mirya’s blog that she mentioned that Walmart is getting out their Halloween and fall decorations. I made a stop in Walgreen’s yesterday morning and I saw some pumpkins that actually light up…the whole pumpkin is wrapped in lights; not just one light inside. They were only $19.99. A few weeks ago when Alise and I were in Michael’s getting paint for her doll cradle (which I have yet to finish), I saw an even bigger one there and it was $29.99, but if you could catch a coupon in Sunday’s paper, you might could get an additional 40% off. I really like those and plan to get at least one this year. As far as my scarecrow….well, he was decapitated last year and so I need to get another one of those, too. I am so ready for fall and the pumpkin patch and cooler weather!!

Having said all that, I am beginning to get depressed about Christmas. Usually, by now, I have gotten a few gifts and at the very least had some idea of what we were getting Alise. Nada. Nothing. Not a thing! I’ve told myself that we just need to keep it small and simple. Yeah, I said that last year, too. But my best friend, Leigh, commented last year that someone she knew did the “three gift thing” because that’s what the Wise Men did for Baby Jesus. I like that way of thinking and if I can keep myself from going overboard, I think we might do that this year…maybe one big gift and two smaller ones. We don’t make a habit of lavishing Alise with a lot of toys and when we do go to stores that have toys, we usually do take her down the toy aisle and she’ll grab at something to play with, but we always have her put it back. I can’t remember the last time Alise got a new toy. Oh, yes! I bought her a few new things to carry to Alabama for the car ride, but can you believe, she still doesn’t know about one of them…a view master. She never knew about it! Looks like I may already have one gift bought!

I am concerned that Alise is watching too much TV. First of all, I don’t know how much she is actually watching at school. Most of the time, when I pick her up in the afternoons, the TV is on and the children are watching something. Usually, when we get home in the evenings, she asks to watch a movie and since it is so hot outside, I usually oblige and let her watch something while I cook supper and start a load of clothes. Gone are the days of playing outside in the evenings because it is so hot. I leave the TV on while she eats supper (movie still going); then she pauses it and we take a bath and then she finishes the movie and we go to bed. Our reading at night has lessened and I feel guilty about this. On the weekends, we let her watch Nogin until Wayne and I get mad because she won’t let us sleep late and if we don’t have any errands, the TV is usually on. Now, she doesn’t just sit there and watch non-stop continuously, but I would say at home she watches more than she plays. But Alise has never been one to play by herself. I can only remember one time recently that she was actually playing with her baby dolls, covering them up, cooking for them, etc. Most of the time, she is right under my feet. I can’t even go to the bathroom!! Ugh! Anyway, I’ve got to do something about the whole reading thing. First and foremost, I need to get her a bookshelf! The basket no longer holds all her books!

Have a good weekend! No plans here. Wayne will work on the house next door and finish the tile. The counter tops are suppose to be in. Alise will probably go swimming and we’ll see Nana & Papaw sometime this weekend. We’ll probably put out our Alabama flag and “football people” this weekend, too!

Oh! I really want Alise to wear her Bama cheerleading outfit tomorrow to school. I found a cheap little tank top for her to wear under the top so that it isn’t so itchy. But because of the material, I am scared that she will get to hot in it. I may wait another week…closer to the game to let her wear it to school for the first time. Roll Tide!

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  1. i was at hobby lobby monday and they already had Christmas stuff out. i got quite depressed!

    oh, and i'm still crossing my fingers about baby #2!!!