Saturday, August 18, 2007

Sunday, August 19, 2007

I think keeping both Brooklyn and Alise yesterday afternoon just about gave my mom a coronary. When I showed up, both girls were screaming and crying in the bathroom. Brooklyn had done something to Alise, blah, blah, blah. I quickly loaded up Alise--who, by the way did not have a nap at ALL yesterday--and we headed home. I took some pictures of the girls in the pool on Friday afternoon, but I had to use my mom's camera because I forgot mine. She said she would make a disk for me at Walmart, so maybe I'll have some pics to post in the future.

I bought Alise her first pair of blue-jeans for the fall season yesterday. I found a pair at The Children's Place and I wasn't sure if she could get into a 24 months size, so I got it and a size 3T and brought both pairs home for her to try on. The 3T's were entirely too long. The 24 months fit, but I don't know for how long. Dillard's was having a pretty good sale this weekend and I was able to buy a few dresses for Alise for next summer. I'm really watching what I buy this year as far as clothes for the next year, simply because I'm not exactly sure what size she will be in. I can only hope that she will continue to stay true to size. I also got in a new catalog that I just LOVE! Go to There's about six outfits that I want to get Alise for fall and winter! Too cute stuff!!

Wayne worked all day Saturday laying tile in the house next door. It's amazing how things are beginning to come together. The counter tops should be in by next week and the next big item is the carpet. I am SO hoping we can have our house and the house next door on the market by October!

I am making a fortune on Ebay with Alise's clothes!! Naw, not really, but I am making some money to "stash" away for a Christmas dress (hopefully). I sold two dresses and one cute outfit (two of the items had never been worn!) this weekend and made $60 total. I thought that was pretty good. When the weather cools off a little bit, I plan to go through Alise's things again and see what else I might want to part with. Wayne doesn't really have a problem with my Ebay purchases as long as I'm making my own money to buy the things I want and I REALLY want to find Alise a Christmas dress. Most of the store here in town haven't gotten there's in yet. We had such a good experience with Portrait Innovations in Birmingham, that we plan to go to the one in Shreveport for our family Christmas photo. Can't wait!! I'll have to schedule it around Alabama football and hunting season, I'm sure!!

Speaking of Alabama football, Wayne still has not found a babysitter for Alise for Labor Day weekend. I told him if he found a babysitter that I would go. I'm not going to ask my mom to do it because she has Brooklyn that week and after yesterday....well, I'm not even going to go there.

Wayne and Alise spent the afternoon today watching "Beauty & the Beast." Wayne said he had never seen it and that he needed to "preview what my daughter watches." Needless to say, they had daddy-daughter time today. We finally had to put Alise in the bed with me this afternoon to get her to take a nap. The daylight in her room was just too tempting and she would not sleep. After two minutes in the bed with me, she was out. She's still doing great at night time, though, about sleeping in her big girl bed.

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  1. i'd be willing to take labor day weekend if you'd let me :) you know i would! let me know details...