Sunday, August 05, 2007

Cameron & Alise

Amie took this pics on Friday night when she kept Alise for us. Cameron and his mom, Heather, came over for a visit. Cameron and Alise go way back. They're best buds from their days at North Monroe Daycare (where Amie was their teacher in the afternoons). We haven't seen Cameron in a while and I'm glad he and Alise got to visit. Amie says that Heather has a picture of Alise on their fridge and Camerons says, "That's Alise." I'm hoping to put a picture of Cameron on ours so Alise can always remember her first little friend. Amie had some cute stories about some of the things Alise said to her Friday night. My favorite was when Alise changed her mind about wanting a hamburger instead of pizza. Amie said that she wanted pizza. Alise told her, very quietly, "You're being mean!" I loved it!! I died laughing!

Whew! What a weekend! The highlights are temper tantrums, Juicy, and more temper tantrums!! It all started last night when we got home VERY late from Donna's and Steve's. Alise fell asleep on the way home and threw a fit to sleep in our bed. To avoid a total and complete meltdown from her (and since it was already so late), I let her sleep with me in our bed and Wayne slept on the couch. We told Alise that last night was the last night she would be sleeping in our bed. So, Alise didn't even get in the bed until 11:00 last night. Needless to say, we only made it to Sunday School today. She cried again at naptime to sleep in our bed, but we didn't let her. Then, tonight, there was another temper tantrum and time out right before bed time. I am completely exhausted!!

Yes, Juicy was at Donna & Steve's. Actually, we picked up "Cousin Juicy" on the way there!! It took Alise a lot longer this time to warm up to him, but by 9:00, they were old friends! She still squealed alot and did alot of running away from him. I know Donna and Steve were so glad when we left and they didn't have to listen to her screaming anymore!!

Other than that, we really didn't do much this weekend. Alise and I ran errands Saturday morning and ate lunch at McDonald's. Payless was holding another pair of sandals for me for Alise. We've gone through three pairs of this particular sandal this summer and Alise needed a bigger size. These are for school and hopefully she will be able to finish the summer and early fall in them.

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  1. love the pics, thanks for posting!