Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Oh my goodness! The trip to Alabama took Alise back about ten notches!! She has been so bad!! She is saying, “No!” all the time, throwing things, hollering back at me and being very rude. I’m ready to kill her! Last night, she didn’t get to finish eating all of her applesauce (and she LOVES applesauce…) because she was too ornery to apologize to Wayne about something (I forget what it was!). She threw a fit last night as well and wouldn’t pick up her toys when it was bed time. I had to break out the spoon. I patted her on the backside and you would have thought I had killed her. She is all DRAMA!!! This morning, on the way to school, she yelled at me, but what was I suppose to do? I was driving down the road!!! I absolutely hate when she acts this way!! I want her to be sweet and lovable all the time! I know. I’m living in a dream world.

Alise wore pullups to school for the first time yesterday. I asked Ms. Gloria Monday afternoon when they would start trying to potty train Alise. She said that Alise was ready and that we could bring panties the next day. Well, I wasn’t too sure about the whole panty idea right off the bat, so I suggested pullups and Ms. Gloria said that would be fine. So all night Monday night, I coached Alise about wearing pullups the next day to school and for her to be a big girl and tell Ms. Gloria and Ms. Betty when she had to use the potty. Her teachers were already gone yesterday afternoon, so I didn’t get to ask how she did, but Ms. Gloria told me this afternoon that she did real good. We rehearsed all the way to school that Alise couldn’t potty on Dora. But she tee-teed in her pull up tonight. Speaking of Alise’s teachers, though, Ms. Betty has decided to stay home and keep her newborn grandchild. A notice was sent home that Ms. Sandy (Alise’s old teacher) will be moving up to the two year old room!! Alise and I are SO excited about having Ms. Sandy again!

I stopped by Bayou Gymnastics on the way home yesterday and signed Alise up for fall gymnastics. I can’t believe I’m putting myself through this again!! But she was so excited! She actually thought we were going to play and she didn’t understand that I was only writing them a check. She wanted to stay and she kept looking for Ms. SueAnn, who is her teacher (she was on vacation).

Alise seems to be doing better with the bad dreams and waking up during the middle of the night. Although she has cried the last two nights because she has to go to bed, I don’t think it’s from being scared. I just knew that since she and I slept in the same bed for most of our vacation, that it would be another hurdle to get her sleeping in her bed by herself again. But she seems to be fine with it. I also thought that the animals from the zoo would give her bad dreams, too. They were so active…like the snakes and tiger!

Please remember Alise’s little friend, Claudia-Kate (She was the youngest one at Alise’s party with her sister, Madison. You can check her out from Alise’s birthday pictures on our photo site). Claudia-Kate is in the hospital with a staph infection in her ear. She had to have her buttons put back in about a month ago and now the staph infection developed. She is being treated with high-powered antibiotics in the hospital and has been there since last week. I was hoping Alise and I could go see her at the end of the week, but her MiMi (my friend at work) says that she might get out on Friday.

Alise is getting into “Angelina Ballerina.” I checked out another video from the library on Monday and that is all she has wanted to watch. I’m hoping she’ll grasp the whole “ballerina” and “dance” concept for this time next year. I can’t decide if I want to put her in Missy Crain or Linda Lavender? It all depends on the time and when it is convenient for me with work.

And some good news….Remember I told you about Steve’s daughter, Jill, who is expecting at the end of November? Remember I told you she was having a boy? Well, all that’s changed, now! It’s a girl!!! Yeah!! I guess Wayne was right after all!! And on top of this news, Brian, Jill’s husband, had just painted the nursery blue the weekend before!! Congrats Donna and Steve!! Also to Chad and his fiancé (who I have yet to meet…)! They are engaged!!

I have decided that Alise and I will be attending my Grandmother’s 90th birthday party Labor Day weekend in Oak Grove instead of going to Tuscaloosa for the first Crimson Tide home game. I guess Wayne will be traveling by himself to Alabama that weekend to face West Carolina. I don’t feel bad about my decision, although I can tell that Wayne is a little disappointed. My grandmother will not be around forever and I need to be there. If I have to be there, then, so does Alise. Decked out, of course!!

I called Dr. Stanley’s office this morning to ask the nurse if she would call in a prescription for Alise at our local pharmacy. I’ve noticed that she is getting a cough and it sounds like it’s a croupy, congested cough. The left side of her face seems to be a little swollen and she woke up a few mornings with her left eye matted with gunk (“Eye bugers” as she likes to call it…). I know it’s not pink eye, but it may be a cold or infection of some sort. She’s not running any fever, but the Benedryl and Triaminic are not working.

Check out Mirya’s blog for pictures of Alise and Katie at the zoo at I plan to post our pictures from the zoo and Katie’s party this weekend. Wayne was able to fix our “technical problems.” We plan to have a very relaxed weekend. We don’t have any plans except to go out to eat with my mom and dad on Saturday night. I have to mail Alise’s two year old pictures to family and friends, also. I’m considering cooking up a batch of crawfish ettoufee sometime this weekend and maybe making a chocolate cake. I would really like to make some homemade ice-cream!! I’m sure Alise will spend some time in the pool and we’ll probably go to the library to check out more books and videos. If the weather is as nice as it has been this week (not quite as hot!), I may take her to the park Saturday morning.

I apologize for this being so long today, but I feel like I haven’t blogged in forever and for some reason there seemed to be a lot to tell you about. We love you all! God Bless!

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