Thursday, July 05, 2007

Thursday, July 5, 2007

I hope everyone had a great 4th of July holiday! Wayne, Alise and I celebrated with family at Aunt Donna & Uncle Steve’s! We ate until we nearly popped! There was so much potato salad, baked beans, and ribs left over (Donna had ordered bar-b-que), that it became a joke whenever anybody wanted to leave because Donna wanted everyone to carry home a ziplock bag of beans! Wayne and I had Jill and Brian (Steve’s daughter and son-in-law) so scared about having a baby that Brian didn’t want a bag of beans…all he wanted was the Tums!!! He was thinking twice about buying that new Toyota truck he was test driving! It was too funny! But, yes, Aunt Donna is going to be a grandma! She and Steve are so excited! We’ve already told them that they could borrow our things. Jill is due the last part of November and they are expecting a boy! Wayne and I were taking bets and I told him it was going to be a boy! He thought it would be a girl. Looks like Alise is going to have to move to the back burner for “John Michael.” But we had a really good time despite Brian’s scared look and the drizzling rain. Alise got to see her Grandma Ruth and Bill and also Steve’s family. She tried watermelon with Steve, but she didn’t like it. I think it was because of the texture. She and I stayed outside for a while blowing bubbles while the ice cream churned away. She was enthralled with the ice cream maker! She watched Cinderella III off and on and colored a bit, but most of the time she was jumping over and climbing on Donna’s ottoman. It was late when we got home and of course, Alise had a meltdown about getting a bath, but we managed to get her in the bed after a milk sippy and two story books…oh, and prayers! 9:00. I didn’t think it was possible!!

Speaking of prayers, I’m not quite sure if I told you that Alise can say the blessing. I’m referring to the “God is Great/God is Good” supper time prayer. I learned this right after her birthday. I think we were at my mom and dad’s and all of a sudden, she just started saying it at the table. Well, I am trying (rather desperately) to get her to start saying her prayers before she gets in her bed. We get on our knees on the rug in front of her bed and put our hands together and she normally repeats what I say. For time’s sake, it’s usually, “Thank you God. Thank you for Moma & Daddy. Come into my heart. Amen.” One night last week, I didn’t even have to prompt her. She sat on the rug, put her hands together and before I could even start, she said, “Thank God. Come to my heart. Amen!” Well, of course, I was crying when I put her in bed! It was just the sweetest thing.

I had some time to myself at lunch so I headed to my favorite children’s shop, “Spoiled Rotten.” Last week I noticed the sign outside the store that said “seasonal clearance” and today, on the door, they had a sign that read, “All 4th of July outfits 50% off.” I got Alise three outfits for next year all at 50% off!! One was a 4th of July outfit. They were the Miss Tee Vue brand. I bought Alise two sundresses in this brand this past Spring and they are so soft and wear well. Then, of course, there was the rack of new smocked fall dresses. Oh yeah! I just had to look!! I put two dresses on lay-a-way. One was a dark plaid with orange pumpkins smocked around the neckline (I had seen this dress online) and three-quarter inch sleeves. The size 2T was the absolutely last dress they had like that one! What luck! The other was a solid dark brown short-sleeved dress with pink and white smocking at the neckline and on the chest. Too cute! I had to have them! I was just telling someone yesterday that as long as I still have a say in what Alise wears, she will continue to wear the smocked dresses. There will come a day when she’ll be too old for them and I just know that my heart is going to break! I asked the sales clerk when they would be getting in their new Christmas dresses and she said that they were on their way, so I’ll check back at the end of July. I can’t decide if I want to let Alise have a smocked dress with Santa on it, or if I should still go with the Nativity look. I just don’t think little girls should wear Santa to church. I’m sorry that’s just a pet peeve of mine and since we go to church more than we do anything else, I think she should have a Nativity dress, but she had one last year, so should I do it again? I’m rambling, I know. The Nativity dress that I saw online for this year had the three Wise Men on it and I didn’t like it. We have to have something with “Baby Jesus.” I am also going to keep looking online for a smocked Christmas dress. As for buying clothes for next year (like I did at the end of last year for this year), I haven’t bought anything for Alise in a 3T nor have I started buying her any fall clothes. I just haven’t seen anything that I like and now that she’s getting older, it’s harder to find the cuter stuff. I absolutely refuse to dress her like a “hoochie momma”!!! She is a little girl!!

It’s official. Alise is going through the “scared” phase. She won’t go into a room by herself; she won’t go into a dark room by herself anymore. It could be broad daylight and she still wouldn’t do it. I already told you about her waking up last week saying that the “puppy dogs were in her room and chasing her.” Well, she ended up sleeping in our bed with me that night! I thought I would be smart and suggest a new “princess” movie for Alise. I am so sick-to-death of Cinderella, that even watching Mermaid would be a nice reprieve! So I asked her if she wanted to watch “Sleeping Beauty.” She said, “Uh-huh” and we talked about how Katie is going to dress up like Sleeping Beauty for her princess birthday party (and then, of course, Alise told me that SHE wanted a princess party and I then I had to tell her that she had to wait until next year; that she had had a polka dot party this year. “No, moma! Princess party!!” Whatever. So I guess the three year old party theme has already been decided with in a month and a half of her two year old birthday!!!). I put the tape in; Alise is watching it and then Malificent, the bad witch comes on and I thought the child was going to have a coronary right there in the recliner!!! She started coming out of her clothes and pulling her shirt over her head!! “No, moma! Don’t want to watch this anymore! Turn it off!” I couldn’t help but laugh. So, I had to turn it off. I think it was a little too scary for her; I had forgotten. I don’t know how Katie ever watched Oz because Alise would just freak out if she watched it!

We are gearing up for our trip to Alabama in two weeks. I have bought Alise several movies like Strawberry Shortcake (she picked that one out!) and Curious George to keep her occupied (and hopefully from watching Cinderella all the way there!). I’ve also bought some more color wonders coloring books and a few new smaller toys that she can play with in the car. I went to the Dollar Store one day last week and got the girls bubbles and sunglasses and princess candy to carry to the zoo. I also got her new sippy cups because some of her other ones have bit the dust, but now she is beginning to like the ones with the straw in them. I bought her another bathing suit in a size 3T because she complains that her swimsuits are too tight, but that’s mostly because the diaper takes up so much room (That’s why…for all you curious minds out there…why I didn’t make her wear a diaper this past weekend in her pool and thus she pooped and it got everywhere! It’s all about being comfortable in the summer time!) So I thought if I bought a bigger size, she wouldn’t mind the diaper so much. Of course, this one doesn’t have Mermaid on it, so there will probably be a meltdown coming! Wayne took the car to the GM place today to get the driver side window fixed (it won’t go down) and the rubber seal around the window on Alise’s side. But, they forgot about us and so Wayne will have to take the car back next week.

On the way to Donna’s yesterday, “Sweet Home Alabama” came on the radio and Wayne and I tried and tried to get her to sing with us, but she just looked at us like we were crazy! She wouldn’t even say, “Go Bama!” or “Roll Tide” for us!

We’re planning on having a rather nice and quiet weekend. Wayne and I were going to take Alise to the “drive-thru” zoo in Delhi until Bill told us yesterday that it was $40 and an extra $6 if you wanted to feed the animals. We both said rather quickly, “No.” Alise can wait to see all the animals she wants at the zoo in Birmingham. That’s why I haven’t taken her back to the zoo here in Monroe. But Alise got on a “zebra” kick last week and Wayne told her that he would take her to see the zebra at the “drive-thru” zoo. But we won’t be going. We have to return some library books and movies so I’m sure we’ll stop there, but I’m sure we’ll go swimming again and play with the sand table. Wayne is going to work on the rent house. I’ve got to go to the grocery store and find something to cook! We got an invitation today for a birthday party in Kilbourne for next weekend.

Now, for the best news of the day! Wayne called me shortly after lunch today to tell me that he got two tickets to the Alabama v. LSU on November 3rd!! We are SO excited! I made him wait to call Doug to tell him the good news. We're still waiting to hear whether or not we will get the other four tickets that we were signed up to get.

I’m sorry this is so long today, but I haven’t blogged in a while. Have a great weekend!

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