Saturday, July 28, 2007

Sunday, July 29, 2007

There's just something about Target. Alise just wigs out! We went yesterday morning to kill some time before the library opened at 10:00. We met Alise's friend, Emma, and her mom, Lori, on the way to check out. I said, "It's only 9:30 and I've had it today!" She laughed and said they were there to find Emma some sheets for her new daybed. I told Lori that we haven't "transitioned" yet. Ever since last week, when Mirya showed me the bedding she got for Katie, I've really been thinking about what I need to do to Alise's room. I know the time to move her to a toddler bed is getting closer, but I'm just not ready. However, I did start looking online tonight for toddler bedding and so far, this is my favorite set. I am not planning on repainting Alise's room....just begin making it more of a "little girl's room." I did buy Alise two pair of shoes while I was at Target!...a pair of tenny shoes that are REALLY cute and a pair of brown shoes for fall and winter.

Alise acted like a little toot last night when we went out to eat with my parents. I couldn't believe that she acted so bad! She threw colors, waved her french fries in the air, stood up in her highchair, kept untying the straps on her sundress, and that just names a few of the antics she pulled. Wayne threatened to carry her out several times, but that didn't happen. I had had it by the time we got out of the restaurant! We gave her a good talking to on the way to Home Depot afterwards. And as for the bracelet that I got her and Katie just alike, well, she won't wear it. It doesn't matter that I tell her that Katie wears hers all the time. I talked her into wearing it to the restaurant long enough to show it to Nana, but after that, that was it! She wanted it off! Ticks me off!!

This afternoon, Alise and I took a nap together in our bed. Wayne had a meeting after church so when we were getting up from our nap, he was just going down on the couch for his. So he could at least get a short nap, Alise and I went to Nana and Papaw's. Nana was making chicken and dumplings, so I took some for Alise's lunch tomorrow. When we got home, Alise and I woke Wayne up (he had slept for nearly two hours!). She was ready to head over to Aunt Donna's next, so she and Wayne went to Donna and Steve's in Farmerville. I just couldn't go. I needed some time to myself and I had so much housework that I needed to get done. I hate doing it on Sunday, but I was just so tied up with Alise and other things that it went undone yesterday. I cooked a four-course meal for supper: parmesan chicken, sweet potato casserole (out of a box and it was really good), fried okra (Alise's new favorite) and corn. Alise cleaned her plate! Even after that banana that Uncle Steve gave her!!

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  1. I really like the bedding. Does it come in a complete set? You know (comforter, skirt, sham, etc.). By the way, you did a good job on the birthday pic slideshow.

    Take care!