Monday, July 23, 2007

Monday, July 23, 2007

I bet I know two little girls who are missing each other so much right now!! We had a great time on our trip to Alabama and so did Katie and Alise. They laughed, cried, played, fought, kissed and made up, and then did it all over again. They were inseparable the whole time we were there. It was so funny to hear Katie say, "Com'ere, Yese!" and all Alise could talk about when they were separated was, "Going to Kay-Kay's?" They really love each other and they played really well together.

Katie's party was wonderful! The weather was nice and she opened her gifts under the tree again this year, which I think is so neat!...something that you'll never be able to do around here except maybe in March or April. The cake was wonderful!...Just a perfect "Princess Party!" I have lots of pictures, but because of "technology reasons" I am unable to post them right now. I am sure Mirya will have her blog and new photosite updated soon enough and you can see all of them. Her sites are and Check them out!!

We are exhausted!!! Why is it that vacations always seem to wear you out? We left Cullman yesterday at noon. Alise finally fell asleep in the car. Wayne wanted to stop for lunch at Tuscaloosa, so we went to the mall and grabbed some fast food (I feel like I need to "purge" little Alise's system....all she's eaten for the last five days is junk!). Wayne wanted to look for Alise a Bama cheerleading outfit (It's a "man" thing with our friends, The Stevenson's...)so we found one at the Bama Fever store. Finally! A 3T!! (Thinking, of course, that she would be able to wear it two years....) Would you believe that the 3T was too little? Alise could barely get the skirt over her hum-dinger thighs!! I couldn't believe it! I'm thinking she's going to need a 5T in order to be able to wear it two years and of course, they didn't have it! At least we can order it online! We made it home last night around 8:30. Alise did very good until we got to Vicksburg. She had a meltdown from Vicksburg all the way to nearly Delhi. Nothing would satisfy her. I thought we were nearly going to wreck a few times, because Wayne spanked her twice from the front seat, but that just made her holler and scream even more! Poor thing! She was tired and especially tired of riding in that car seat!! I don't think her little head even hit the pillow before she was out!

Wayne and I were discussing last night on the way home-between screams, of course-how we were going to have to toughen up on our discipline again. While we were on vacation, we sorta laxed on Alise and we can tell a difference. She started with the "NO!" thing again, the whining again, and the "dragging out" when you tell her to do something. We had to tell her three and four times and it really got old! By the end of the vacation, she would hardly even pick up her toys anymore! I took my wooden spoon with me, but most of the time, we just had to use verbal threats because we couldn't find it half the time! It wouldn't surprise me if she hid it from us! Last night, when we were emptying the car, I found it, in the front seat, stuck under some magazines of mine! Uhm.....

Well, it's nearly noon and I have taken Alise to school (and No! I do NOT feel like the nasty mother today!), bought groceries at Walmart, got supper in the crockpot (smothered steak and gravy), and washed about 6,000 loads of laundry!! I'm doing good!

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