Friday, July 27, 2007

Katie's Birthday Party Pics!

Finally! Here are the party pics!!

Oh my goodness!! I got in the new fall and winter catalog from Orient Expressed today and nearly died! There's about 1,000 smocked dresses that I want in there for Alise!! They now have the little princess sweater to match the Cinderella smocked dress that I bought from them in the Spring! However, I'm not very impressed with their Christmas dresses. The dresses are really pricy, but their quality is suburb. You might want to check out their website at to see if it has been updated to include the new fall line.

We did the "Horton family ritual" tonight, but instead of Wayne and I eating Chic-fil-a, we just got Alise a kids meal and headed to El Chico's. She ate chips and cheese dip with us and scarfed down her four nuggets. She decided that she didn't want to ride the train, so I talked her into going in Gymboree with me. She finally likes that store, now, because she can watch TV. It was so funny when Mirya and I were shopping with the girls at The Summit in Alabama, we walked into a Gymboree and the first question out of my mouth was, "Ya'll got a TV?" That's the day I think Alise ate all of Katie's strawberry fig newtons!! The little piggy!

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