Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Wayne seems to think that Alise needs an aquarium. It all started when he put this aquarium/swimming fish screen saver on our laptop. She absolutely loves to watch the fish swimming around on the computer. I have to admit that it is very relaxing to watch, but an aquarium? At two years old? I just don’t know….sounds pretty young to me. She’s not even old enough to understand the concept of “having a pet.” Who knows? It’s a fish now, but ten years from now, it may be a pet trantuala or worse yet, a snake!! Yuck!! Yes, I still hope to have my wits end about me by then with sense enough to “just say no” if and when she decides she wants a pet spider or snake. Anyway, he said we would go to Petco and to a local aquarium this weekend to look for a small one gallon tank and a couple of fish. We haven’t told her yet, but she is going to be thrilled! I’ll try to remember and take my camera!!

I think I have finally figured out how to get Alise’s feet clean from school, where she runs around without shoes on the black rubber playground. I can just start sticking her in the pool for about an hour every day when we get home. That’s what we did yesterday and her feet weren’t nearly as hard to clean as they usually are when it came to bath time. Of course, there wasn’t much swimming going on yesterday afternoon. Alise was more concerned about the bugs that were in her pool. There was one that was crawling around on top of the water and every time it got close to one of her toys, she had to save it. “Go away, bug!” she kept saying. I wouldn’t get any of them out for her. I thought that would make a great “daddy/daughter time” when Wayne got home from work….getting out all the bugs in her swimming pool!!

Well, I think I’m going to hafta break down and buy a bathing suit this year. Wayne says that I need to get a swim suit before we go to Alabama next month so I can get in the pool at the hotel with Alise. Ugh! Do you have any idea how long it’s been since I’ve bought a bathing suit? Probably about ten years!! I don’t even own a bathing suit anymore! And, of course, I don’t want to spend a fortune on one, either. I looked at some at Target Sunday and they had some cute ones, but even at $30 bucks, that’s more than I want to spend. I’m going to check out Walmart the next chance I get. But maybe if I get a nice one this year, I’ll still be able to wear it next year when we take Alise to the beach. Even at $30 bucks, that’s only $15 a year, so that’s not too bad. I just dread the whole ordeal!!

Oh, and I did get Alise’s hair cut last week. You probably can’t tell much in the pictures, but it is a little shorter. I got about an inch cut off the back and her bangs trimmed. It looks really good. I am almost tempted to get another inch cut off, but I’m not sure what her piggy tails will look like if I did. Of course, we still have to have those piggy tails. When we wear our smocked monkey dress, we call them “monkey ears.” Too cute! Can you believe that I would even consider getting my daughter’s hair cut? With all the drama of the first haircut? Too funny!

Alise and I were talking this morning on the way to school about Katie’s birthday. By the way, she still says “Kay-Kay” but we’re trying to get her to start saying “Katie,” now. I can’t remember how we got on the subject, but we were talking about Katie having a princess party for her big day. Alise said, “My birthday!” I had to explain to her that her party was over (I thought we had already established this fact a few weeks ago…) and now it was Katie’s turn to have a party. I told her that Katie might have a castle birthday cake. She said, “Castle cake?” (she repeats everything you say with a question). I told her that we might get to dress up in a princess dress. She started getting excited about that! I told her that we would have to drive a long, long way to get to Katie’s house and it would be a while before her actual party. She seemed okay with it. It’s like she understands but yet she doesn’t really understand, ya know?

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