Thursday, June 07, 2007

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Please keep my OB/GYN, Dr. Sheppard, in your prayers. I’ve been meaning to mention this before, but I’ve just forgotten and I woke up this morning thinking about her. Dr. Sheppard lost her twins about a month ago. They were 23 weeks. Of all days for me to find out about this, it was on Alise’s second birthday. My heart is just broken for her. I have thought the world of Dr. Sheppard ever since she nearly saved my life three years ago with my tubal pregnancy. She held my hand then and again during my whole pregnancy with Alise. I will never forget her calling me at home the night of May 25th two years ago and saying, “Why aren’t you at the hospital? I promised you I would deliver your baby…we’ve already talked about this. I’ll see you at midnight.” She stayed up with me all night, watching the monitors, checking on me, and even helping me push Alise into the world. Most doctors wouldn’t do that. Of all the people in this world, I feel that Dr. Sheppard is one of those that is most deserving of having her own baby. I wish there was some way that I could repay her for the kindness and love she has shown me. I have heard that she may not return to her practice and I am distraught over that. I can’t imagine going to another doctor. Please keep her, her husband and her three year old adopted daughter, Faith, in your prayers.

Now. On a funnier note…yesterday on the way home, Alise was driving me crazy with her “ABC song,” so I asked her, “Alise? Can you count for me? Can you say your numbers?” She paused for a minute and then she said, “I’m busy, Mommie.” I nearly ran off the side of the road!! Busy?! The child doesn’t even know what busy is!!! And then I got to thinking, “Oh, my goodness! My child is going to have a complex! I tell her I’m busy all the time!” But then I really got to thinking and I was like, I never tell her I’m busy! If I tell her anything, it’s “just a minute.” Where did she hear “I’m busy” from? It has to be school. Wayne and I just don’t say that to her. She’s also been asking me the last few days, “Moma busy?” I’m like “wh-what?” I really wish she would quit saying that. I am never “too busy” for her. She may just have to exercise a little patience every now and then, which is something she certainly lacks!

I have made an appointment for tomorrow afternoon to get mine and Alise’s hair cut. I have decided to get her bangs trimmed and maybe about an inch (or two) cut off the back. I’ll tell Rhonda that I still want to be able to put her hair in piggy-tails, though. I’ll try to take and post pictures of her new “do.”

We are making plans to go to Alabama next month for Katie’s birthday party. Wayne and I are going to try and drive over on Thursday. Mirya and I have been emailing and we were both thinking about taking the girls to the zoo in Birmingham on Friday. Then, last night, while we were on the phone with them, somebody mentioned “Chuck E. Cheese,” so now we’re going to take the girls there, too. Afterwards, we’ll follow Doug & Mirya back to Cullman, go to Katie’s party on Saturday, and leave to come home on Sunday. This will probably be our “vacation” for the summer, so I told Wayne that we needed to try and plan something fun for Alise. Besides, this is probably the last time this year that Alise an Katie will get to see one another, so they need to have some fun together.

Alise is still requesting to use the potty these days, however, she does more “sitting” than anything else. She likes to use her stool to get up on the potty, but her Dora seat moves and so she has a hard time doing it by herself. There have been several times that she and the Dora seat nearly fell through! She always requests that the door be closed…and not just pushed to, but actually closed. I think that’s funny. She wanted to sit on the potty this morning with her sippy cup and I was like, “No, sister. That’s not going to work!” Ugh! Anyway, Alise seems to be getting better with her whining. It seems like ever since her birthday, the whining has stopped but the temper trantums haven’t (not that she has them all the time…). Now, she’s gotten in to jumping up and down when she throws a fit (her mannerisms have changed since she moved up to the two year old room at school). Normally, it results in a time out session in the corner of the living room which lasts about five minutes and then it’s over. I’m not in to astrology, but a co-worker of mine says that she’s a true Gemini. Whatever that means. Sometimes I feel so guilty because I am so hard on her. When we were at Eileen’s party a few weeks ago, Alise was doing something (I don’t remember what it was…) and “Tootsie,” Eileen’s grandmother was sitting next to me. She said, “Oh, Laura. Leave her alone. She’s fine. She’s such a precious little girl. Let her have fun.” I told her, “I know…I am so hard on Alise and it’s not that I mean to be.” It’s like I want her to be this perfect little girl but yet I want her to have fun, too. I set my expectations too high and I know that I am only going to eventually get hurt by them because I know that she will disappointment me. Maybe not intentionally, but it will happen.

Some of you have asked how the old diet is going. Well, last week I had kinda slacked off on the diet pills and I could tell a difference. I could tell a difference in my appetite and in the way I felt. So this week, I am trying to get back on track. I think I got discouraged because even though I could tell a difference in the way my clothes fit, I wasn’t seeing the kind of results I wanted on the scale. I told a friend about it at work and she said that inches mattered more than weight. I guess so, but I can’t seem to loose those last ten pounds.

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